The 2015 CDTM Design Fair

Author: Philipp Rathjen

Spirits were high as CDTM held its first 2015 Design Fair on Friday, January 16th. Over 200 students, academics, business representatives, and CDTM alumni had come together to experience what the five presenting teams had been developing during their MPD course, since early fall 2014. The demonstrations were held in the TUM lecture rooms in Marsstraße, were the 25 students pitched the value of the software and hardware solutions to an audience of entrepreneurial enthusiasts. The evening held numerous interesting product presentations. Ranging from an online medical consultancy solution for expatriates, to an entirely new digital access and management system for hotel chains. The opening presentation was delivered by a team working with project partner Eteleon. The centerpiece of attention was a home security system that could bring home surveillance in HD quality to the smartphone. Fully compatible with the Eteleon smart home environment, the team presented a very convincing use case for the very well-designed product. It is likely that the business partner will further pursue the development of the prototype presented at the design fair.

Internationalizing medical service is a difficult endeavor, yet team Teleclinic managed to develop a comprehensive approach. They presented a solution to delivering medical attention to expatriates in foreign regions, whereby tough medical decisions for individuals can be simplified by easily getting a second opinion by a medical professional in their home country. With regard to an increasing internationalization of SMEs, the team sees their service as an easily introduced accompaniment for the well-being of international professionals, eager to explore foreign shores.

Team Quanto inspired excitement among the audience with a fully digital solution for hotels. A neatly designed digital lock was at the heart of the presentation, though their product extended far beyond the domain of access management. Aided by elegant and compelling product videos, the team introduced a hotel customer relationship management tool and a smartphone application for hotel guests. The latter was deemed the enabler of a fully digitalized hotel stay, given the guests ability to control anything from lights, music, door lock, and hotel services with the touch of a button. This technological diversity was powered by the project partner T-labs, who had made the Qivicon smart home environment available to the team. Following this presentation, an animated and enthusiastic audience left for the break.

The vibrant atmosphere in the room was further spurred by an energizing presentation by the Freeletics team. An outstanding Munich-based start up, looking back on a very successful development path, Freeletics had cooperated with CDTM to introduce a new gamification feature in their mobile applications. The team presented the Hexanet, an interface permitting the collection of trophies and badges for the completion of Freeletics challenges. Furthermore, the users were able to challenge members of their network, enhancing the allure of the feature for an increasingly impressive Freeletics community.

The final presentation was delivered by team Mini, who presented an innovative smart watch application, targeted directly at the growing BMW-Mini community. A location based approach, allowing car owners who share their cars with others to be aware at anytime of their vehicles’ whereabouts. Conveniently, the team implemented a notification mechanism whereby these drivers become aware if the car reaches a particular location of interest. This later feature was exemplified through an hilarious video clip of a driver receiving a notification as his companion was out running errands. The intuitive nature of this feature became self-evident, and was met with enthusiasm by the audience and the project partner.

On the whole, the first 2015 design fair was a worthy ending for the months of hard work the teams look back on. Exiting business ideas and impressive software and hardware products were presented in stirring and creative pitches. CDTM is proud of the ideas and concepts that came out of MPD, and looks forward to welcoming you all at the next design fair!

Philipp studies economics at the Ludwig Maximilians University. Passionate about digital innovation, he joined CDTM in Fall 2014.