Core Values


  • We embrace diversity and value different perspectives.
  • We can always rely on each other’s sincerity.
  • We foster self-confidence and leadership.


  • We challenge the status quo.
  • We support each other while pushing the limits.
  • We contribute to the community.


  • We are hands-on and eager to learn.
  • We aspire to play an active role in a changing environment.
  • We accept responsibility for ourselves, our actions, and the world around us.


Hands-on projects are carried out in interdisciplinary teams to support a creative culture.

At CDTM, students with various study backgrounds come together. Although the majority of students is enrolled in Computer Science, Engineering or Business Studies, there are also students of other study programs such as Psychology, Physics, and Communication Science. This high degree of interdisciplinarity leads to project results that integrate multiple perspectives. At the same time it  challenges students to critically reflect upon divergent points of view and to accept alternative approaches to problem solving. Students are sensitized and prepared for a future which is increasingly characterized by interdisciplinary collaboration.


CDTM Students come from different cultural backgrounds and spend time abroad.

At CDTM diversity is reflected not only in the students’ various study backgrounds but also in their different cultural backgrounds. The center welcomes international students who are enrolled at a Bavarian university. Furthermore, as a part of the technology management curriculum, students are required to spend a term abroad (at least four months), e. g. at one of CDTM’s partner universities, such as the University of California in Berkeley, the Columbia University in New York or the Waseda University in Tokyo. Also, CDTM supports its students in finding internship placements at internationally renowned companies.

Practical experience

Students gain practical experience in hands-on courses and during internships at partner companies.

Hands-on education has been a core principle at CDTM. Right from its foundation, the goal was to complement the traditional studies at university with practical experience, innovative teaching and trend-based research. All courses offered at CDTM build on these exact principles. Experienced professionals teach courses on topics such as project management and communication within teams. In addition, each student has the opportunity to do an internship at one of CDTMs renowned industry partners in Germany, including BMW, Deutsche Telekom and Siemens, or even abroad, e.g. in India as part of the Instep program of Infosys.


As a home for innovative students, CDTM is the founding place for many start-ups.

Since its foundation, entrepreneurship has been of core importance to the CDTM, with the goal to establish a flourishing entrepreneurial community in the field of digital technologies. The center actively supports entrepreneurial activities of students and alumni as well as the entrepreneurial environment by providing contacts, advice and office space. Entrepreneurial topics are an essential part of the curriculum. In addition, CDTM organizes a number of events, providing an active network of entrepreneurially-oriented students, alumni and investors.

Within the 15 years of its existence, 70 startups and more than 500 jobs have emerged from CDTM, amongst them companies such as Amiando, acquired by Xing, and TrustYou, substantially funded by Holzbrinck Ventures.


CDTM enables students to develop soft skills in project work and taskforces.

During their time at CDTM, students are equipped with the skills that prepare them to take on positions with high responsibilities in industry, academia, politics and society. They are encouraged to be proactive members of the community, e. g. by embracing responsibilities on various projects and courses and by actively contributing to the organization of the center in the various taskforces. Each student is assigned two mentors, a professor of the board and a center assistant. They share their personal experiences and assist their mentees with advice on their career plans as well as questions on their personal development.