CDTM warmly welcomes new Center Assistant Florian Lachner

CDTM warmly welcomes new Center Assistant Florian Lachner

Author: Ben Borrow

If you take a walk through the CDTM offices at Marsstr. or happen to attend one of the many student-driven recruitment initiatives at TUM or LMU, you are likely to come across a series of five postcards each with a phrase attempting to describe what it takes to be part of the CDTM. The cards are headed with the following descriptions: “Entrepreneurial Enthusiast,” “Management Talent,” “Digital Lover,” “Technology Addict,” and “Creative Mastermind.”

When new Center Assistant (CA) Florian Lachner is questioned which card would describe him the best, he asks if he can cut them into fifths to create a single collaged card incorporating all five descriptions. Indeed, Florian, like most of the students he will come to mentor and coach, has an extremely diverse personal and academic background.

Having studied Mechanical Engineering & Management (M.Sc.) at TUM, written his thesis at the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, and recently graduated from the “Bavarian Elite Academy,” Florian has really explored the intersection of technology, business, and management throughout his academic career.

He has also pursued these fields in the commercial world. Florian has worked at Bain & Company Inc., BMW AG, viovendi GmbH in Munich, and at Detecon Inc. in San Francisco.

For the foreseeable future though, he will be haunting the coffee machines of CDTM and overseeing the Trend Seminar block alongside fellow CA, Stefan Nothelfer, for the Winter 2015 intake. Florian is excited by the prospect of applying his training in scenario planning and ideation with the incoming students.

Outside the office, Florian enjoys the great outdoors, and relishes the chance to combine his interests of photography with travel. However, he concedes a full-time photography/travel combination is as unsustainable as it is desirable, so while located in Munich, he tries to fit in as much sport as possible – an activity often facilitated by the CDTM start-up, Freeletics’ training programs.

So, the next time you see Florian around the center, be sure to introduce yourself, and ask him for his best time on the Aphrodite (for those non-initiated to the world of Freeletics, Aphrodite is the most popular training program on the app). Otherwise, feel free to pop in for a chat – his door is figuratively wide open.

Originally hailing from Australia, Ben has studied Law, English and Media Science but has settled in Munich to study Consumer Affairs at TU München and Technology Management at the CDTM. He enjoys philosophising about the role of technology in our everyday lives and the sounds various farmyard animals make in different languages.