Center Redesign – CDTM moves in

Author: Steffen Schülzchen

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Approximately two years ago, CDTM moved from Barer Straße to Marsstraße. Although the Center is like a second home for most of us, the facilities had been a little too plain to actually feel like home. To change that, our CAs Maximilian Engelken and Stefan Nothelfer initiated the “Interior Redesign Project” almost one year ago. Thanks to the outstanding support of Alumni, CDTM start-ups, and other friends of the CDTM, we not only had the possibility to coat our walls with new paint, but also were given the opportunity to build our very own and custom-made furniture. The results are truly impressive and make our time at the Center even more enjoyable.

Inspired by the office design of two CDTM start-ups, we decided to get two TUM Architecture students, Amely and Laura Myrenne, on board to help us put our mostly abstract ideas into detailed plans. Guided by these two creative masterminds, members of the active classes began the actual construction phase just before last year’s Christmas holidays. Since then, countless hours of work have been spent to redesign the entrance area, the student lounge, and the kitchen. We have grinded, oiled, and assembled more than 1.5 tons of oak wood, painted a majority of the community rooms, built more than a dozen of storage boxes, and conceptualized lovely details to add personal touches to our work.

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Despite the remarkable motivation and drive of active students and CAs, the project could not have been such a success without the help of others. In particular, we need to thank our network: the CDTM Alumni association, CDTM start-ups such as Unu, TrustYou or experteer, individual alumni, and Framos GmbH made generous donations which fully financed the project.

Furthermore, the graduating classes decided to contribute such extraordinary presents like a new sound and videosystem for the student lounge. Lastly, we are very thankful for the support of a carpenter, who is a friend of the CDTM and taught us how to work with the wood.

As of today, most of the sub-projects we started half a year ago are about to be finished. In the next step, we’ll particularly focus on our workspaces and a thought-out storage system. Fortunately, the new class is also highly committed to the initiative, so there’s no doubt that it will be taken to the next level in the near future. We’re already really excited about it!

April studies Neuro-Cognitive Psychology at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität and started CDTM in Fall 2014. She is interested in how we affect, and are affected by, technology in our increasingly digital world.