Organizational Issues

What is a Task Force?

A Task Force consists of a couple of CDTM students and one Center Assistant (CA). They work together on certain topics, such as maintaining the IT infrastructure. Every CDTM student is member of at least one Task Force.

Which Task Forces exist at CDTM? What if I want to start a new Task Force?

There is a variety of Task Forces at the CDTM. They organize events or invite and host speakers, maintain the IT infrastructure, organize the recruiting process or take care of our big Alumni network. If there is an area that interests you, but is not represented through a Task Force, we encourage you to start one.


How many students attend the CDTM Technology Management Program

CDTM has approximately 25 students per class (one class per semester) and a total of about 60-80 active students. Our alumni network counts over 900 members.

How many people apply? How many are admitted?

Of the approximately 250 applications per semester for the Technology Management program, out of which about 50 students are invited for a personal interview. Approximately 25 students of those invited to the personal interview are admitted to the program.

When is the next application deadline?

Application Deadline for intakes in August (summer term) May 30 of the respective year, for intakes in February (winter term) November 30 of the previous year.

Do I need a minimum number of semesters to apply?

Yes. To ensure that every student can contribute some skills from his/her main studies to the program, we require that the student has completed his third (3rd) semester before entering the CDTM. We consider a semester completed at the end of the lecture period and before the Trend Seminar starts in the semester break.

Do I need to have work experience to apply?

You should have at least 10 weeks of work or internship experience (in industry or at university). Some experience is helpful to get the most out of the CDTM experience. People who already have some work experience where they applied their knowledge from education and who understand the work-related issues generally get more out of the program and can better contribute to classroom discussions.

Can you tell me my chances given my background?

It is unlikely that an admissions committee member would be able to assess your chances for admission without first seeing a completed application.

Try to assess the overlap of your personal and professional activities with the core values of the CDTM.

Course Content

Which courses does the CDTM offer?

A list of courses offered at the CDTM is available on the CDTM web pages. You should also visit our Curriculum page for more details.

What is the teaching style at CDTM?

The CDTM employs a variety of teaching methods, including lectures, case studies, team projects, writings, problem sets, presentations, company visits, guest speakers, and other theoretical and applied teaching methods. The teaching method used in class is the choice of the individual instructor and is chosen to best facilitate learning for that subject matter.

What is the average class size?

The Core courses have approximately 25 students. In these courses, typically some time is dedicated to discussions and students have the opportunity to discuss conceptual issues and work on problem sets. Often, smaller groups of 4-5 people are formed for some part of the lecture. Elective courses typically have 12 to 20 students and seminars may have even fewer students.


Where do most CDTM students live?

Most students are enrolled at TU Munich or LMU Munich and live in or close to Munich. If you are admitted to the program and don’t have a place to live, yet, we will try to find a nice host for you in our Alumni network.

What are the general selection criteria and desired qualifications for admission?

General Criteria

We look for students whose personal characteristics suggest that they will make the most of the opportunities at CDTM, both in academic and non-academic areas. We also seek those whose presence will enhance the experience of other students. Therefore, we value characteristics such as motivation, involvement, interpersonal skills, entrepreneurial aptitude, leadership quality, creativity, analytical skills, and open mindedness.

Desired Qualifications

The Admissions Committee looks for excellence—applicants with high academic potential and achievement, and strong motivation and leadership potential. High academic potential and achievement are normally reflected in excellent academic records, and recommendations that go beyond the usual polite endorsement. Ability to achieve is usually shown in relevant experience, your essays, and recommendations.

Formal Criteria

Students have to be registered for a Diploma-, Bachelor- or Master-level studies program at a Bavarian university. Most of the CDTM students come from the fields of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering and Management. Students of other related majors are also highly encouraged to apply.

You should have completed (or are this term completing) your undergraduate studies (e.g. Vordiplom) and your Abitur (Abitur, A-Level, International Baccalaureate or High School equivalent etc) with above-average results.If you’re in a Bachelor program (and don’t get a Vordiplom) you need to have studied at least 3 semester to be eligible.

How much time do I have to invest for the program?

You’ll have to invest about 1,5 – 2 days a week for the program during the semester. For the first phase, i.e. during the semester break, it is a full time program!

Are some parts of the application weighted more than others?

No single characteristic in the application is more important than any other. An area of weakness—for example, moderate scores in your high-school degree—may be successfully offset by strengths in other areas.

Do I have to learn/to do programming?

Even though you might find yourself working on real world projects involving cutting-edge technology during your time at CDTM, learning to program a computer is definitely neither a requirement nor necessary. All projects are highly interdisciplinary.

Does CDTM have rolling admissions? Are there advantages to applying early?

CDTM has 2 application deadlines per year. The online application tool is available some months before the next deadline. There are no competitive advantages to applying earlier. An application after the final deadline is not possible as the decision process is well underway and candidates for the interview round are already chosen.

What are the requirements for completing the Technology Management Program?

All degree candidates enrolled in the Technology Management Program complete a required core curriculum (27 credits) in addition to 9 credits of electives.

Most CDTM subjects range from 1 to 6 credits. The credit count is based on weekly class hours, lab or thesis units, and outside preparation time.

The program is tailored to be completed within 4 semesters. However, the program has to be completed latest after 6 semesters in order to be able to graduate with the Honours Degree.

Do you give feedback on denied applications?

We understand that being denied admission can be a disappointment, and it is reasonable that you want to know the reasons behind the Admissions Board’s decision. Therefore, as time allows, on request you can get the opportunity to get feedback from one of the interviewers. But please understand that the decision of the Admissions Board is final.

Which kind of degree do CDTM Technology Management Program graduates receive?

Upon completion of the degree requirements, candidates receive an Honours Degree in Technology Management issued by two of Germany’s leading universities, TU Munich and LMU Munich and supported by the Elite Network of Bavaria.

Do I need to mail in copies of my transcripts?

You are not required to mail in copies of your transcripts. You should, however, have official copies of your transcripts so that you may report the information on the transcripts on the self-reported transcript form. Applicants invited to an interview are required to bring in copies of their transcripts. For more information, visit Application Instructions.

Is Technology Management a Master Program?

CDTM does not offer a stand-alone master program. Rather you will get enrolled in a Honours Degree in Technology Management program which is part of the Elite Network of Bavaria. The program is pursued in parallel to your main studies. However you have to be enrolled in a regular university program in order to apply for CDTM.

Do you require recommendations?

Within the application process recommendations are not required.

Is it possible to transfer credits to my main studies?

As CDTM offers an additional Honours Degree complementary to (and not integrated in) your primary studies, credit transfer is restricted.

Is there a part-time program offered?

No, CDTM does not offer any part-time programs.

Do I need to take the TOEFL?

The program is taught mainly in English, so applicants will be expected to follow lectures and take exams in English. Therefore the language skills of each student will be tested during the application procedure. The application interview is partly conducted in English language. We do not require TOEFL or similar at this point in time.

Are there other joint degree programs?

CDTM does not offer joint admissions with any other programs; it is the candidate’s responsibility to apply to other programs separately, and to design a dual-degree program that will satisfy degree requirements at both programs.

How can I request the CDTM Program sheet?

Click here.