Formal requirements

  • You must be registered as a student for a Diploma-, Bachelor- or Master-level studies program at a Bavarian university, Fachhochschulen (= universities of applied sciences) do not qualify. Most of the CDTM students come from the fields of Computer Science, Electrical Engineering or Business Administration. Students of other majors are also welcome to apply.

  • You should have completed (or are this term completing) your undergraduate studies (e.g. Vordiplom) and your Abitur (Abitur, A-Level, International Baccalaureate or High School equivalent etc) with above-average results. If you’re in a Bachelor program (and don’t get a Vordiplom) you need to be at least in your 3rd semester when applying for Technology Management.

  • Show prove of at least 10 weeks of work or internship experience (industry or university level related).

Please note, that CDTM does not offer a stand-alone master program. Rather you will get enrolled in a Honours Degree in Technology Management program, that you pursue in parallel to your main studies.

We select exceptionally talented students from around the world on the basis of four criteria: experience, strong academic aptitude, managerial potential and student diversity. Significant importance is given to personal interviews. We try to interview as wide a spectrum of applicants as possible, in order to ensure fair and well-rounded decisions.

You should

  • be an open-minded, curious and motivated person,
  • be willing to take an active role in our projects and activities,
  • like to work in teams,
  • be able to express yourself in English,
  • have obtained above average results in your undergraduate studies


Having a minimum of professional experience is prerequisite for understanding management issues. We therefore give preference to candidates with professional experience from apprentice- or internships. Students, who had summer internships before or during their university years, normally meet the minimum criteria for experience.

Strong Academic Aptitude

As the CDTM Program is rigorous and challenging, entering students must possess a solid academic foundation. Typically applicants have completed degree programs representing a minimum of 15 years of schooling, with at least 12 years at the elementary and secondary levels.

Managerial Potential

We closely look at applicants’ level of motivation and independence, their communication and interpersonal skills, intellectual diversity and the extent to which they have taken advantage of opportunities. We are interested in who applicants are as a person and in how the combination of their personal qualities and achievements have led them toward a career in high tech management.

Diversity Among Students

We define diversity in the broadest possible terms, encompassing educational and professional experiences, culture, citizenship and nationality, and personal experiences and goals, indicating special qualities and perspectives students bring to CDTM. We want to create a community of diverse backgrounds and interests because a good portion of students learning will result from comparing experiences and perspectives with other classmates.