Career Development

Most CDTM students start to work immediately after finishing their studies. Hence career management is of paramount importance. Our Career Management Team offers students advice and support concerning job-related questions. The team helps students to find summer internships and permanent jobs through various channels, e.g. company recruiting sessions, job postings, alumni contacts and research projects.

Individual Mentoring

The CDTM provides individual mentoring and one-on-one career counseling to all students. Mentors (alumni, chair holders and executives) advise students on issues concerning job applications, career strategy, resume critiques and other important aspects. Through re-enacted face-to-face interviews that are lead by experts, students get the opportunity to train their interviewing skills and get feedback from experts.

Career Planning Seminar

An important part of the curriculum is the Career Planning Seminar, offering ideas and best practice examples on how to apply for any specific job as well as decision support about what job to look for in the first place. The workshop covers: writing resumes and cover letters; useful tips for the recruiting process; interview preparation; market research, assessment of own abilities, interests, values and goals.