Term Abroad

The CDTM curriculum includes one term abroad during the program (optional for students that have been abroad for more than 4 months). CDTM complements students’ international ambitions by developing an array of exchange programs with internationally leading universities. Financial constraints shouldn’t prevent anyone from going abroad – that’s why CDTM helps its students to find suitable scholarships and provides backup funding when needed.

Currently, CDTM maintains exchange programs with the following institutions:

Internship program

The CDTM can also connect students to international internship opportunities.

  • ThiloKoch_Columbia_Portrait Thilo Koch, Class of 2013 Fall Term - Columbia University, New York, USA "The energy in New York is just invigorating. If you are able to soak it up, your life just gets 2 times faster. The problem only is that you shouldn't fear to miss out on something because you will. Every second."
  • SiminaPasat_CMU_Portrait2 Simina Pasat, Class of 2013 Spring Term - CMU, Pittsburgh, USA

    "The semester abroad spent in Pittsburgh was a nice mix between traveling, making new friends and writing my master thesis at the Carnegie Mellon University"

  • IrinaAnastasiu_QUT_Portrait Irina Anastasiu, Class of 2010 Spring Term - QUT, Brisbane, Australia

    "I've spent one fantastic semester at the Urban Informatics Research Lab looking into the application of mobile apps in e-Gov. I'm grateful for Prof. Foth and his team's perfect mix between autonomy, talent, support and interdisciplinarity. The openness and laid-backness of Australian culture and the sheer beauty of its nature made me return for a PhD early 2015."

  • Robert Weindl_UCBerkeley_Portrait Robert Weindl - Class of 2013 Fall Term, UC Berkeley, Berkeley, USA

    "In general, it is hard to say what my greatest experience in the bay area was. Next to all the amazing road trips, I had a lot of time to focus and work on my own projects, attend conferences, workshops and meetups, and meet all kind of inspiring people. In addition, I loved the classes and sport facilities of UC Berkeley."

  • PawelKwiecien_GeorgiaTech_Portrait Pawel Kwiecien - Class of 2012 Fall Term, GeorgiaTech, Atlanta, USA

    "During my semester abroad at Georgia Tech I worked on an innovative research project and took part in hands-on courses. I also had a chance to experience American culture and discover the country traveling with friends."