EIT Health – MHPD: Nutrifami

Encouraging long term behavioural change with a mobile application for nutrition training 

Goal: Promote healthy living by enabling self-management of health in environments where the WFP supports people with luncheon voucher.

Outcome: The students developed the prototype NutriFami, a mobile application for nutrition training to encourage long term behavioural change in order to use such vouchers for healthy food. The objective is to reduce obesity and promote vitamin-packed nutrition. The target group of the project is people in rural areas in Colombia who live below the poverty line.

The project Nutrifami aims to improve the nutrition behavior of the Colombian families who receive food aid from the WFP. These currently receive nutrition trainings conducted as in person trainings that reward participants through food vouchers. Four students with different study backgrounds  had the challenge to digitalize the current in person trainings and to motivate the beneficiaries to change their nutrition behavior. Throughout the course of the project, the team flew to Colombia and worked together with the target group in the cities of Cali and Buenaventura to identify the status-quo and test the first prototypes in the field. The trip was extremely valuable and built the foundation for the app development. In the end, five different modules with different teaching sections were created that use a gamified approach to transport the basic knowledge in an easy and appealing way. The app was created in a way that addresses the needs of meaning, stimulation and competence so that the beneficiaries are intrinsically motivated to use it. The WFP uses the prototype for further iterations and intends to introduce the application all over South- and Central America.