EIT Health – Design Entrepreneurship Education Workshop


What is the Design Entrepreneurship Education Workshop?

In recent years the buzz of “Design Thinking”, advocated by the Stanford d.school, IDEO’s Tim Brown, Bruce Nussbaum and a range of innovation forerunners (apple, airbnb, zipcar, to name the tip of the iceberg) has reached the business world, the start-up scene and far beyond.

CDTM in cooperation with EIT Health, one of the largest healthcare communities worldwide, has created this 2-day intensive hands-on workshop aiming to broaden the skill set to explore human-centered design and action-based innovation methods and incorporate design thinking ethos to tangible and intangible challenges. Working in interdisciplinary teams you’ll be challenged by a project partner with the goal to design Europe’s best entrepreneurial education program.


Course structure and content

This interactive two-day workshop will explore the methodology behind design thinking through theory input, cases, group sessions and a challenge based on European entrepreneurship education to be solved by design thinking.

Workshop Day 1:

  • Meet Design – overview about industrial design, the story and applicability of design thinking.
  • Learn about the approach – introduction to the methodology of design thinking by experimenting with a set of tools, cases and best practices.
  • Understand the approach – preparation of a concrete Design Thinking team project to solve a real world problem.


  • Apply the approach – tutored by lectures, the teams implement the Design Thinking methodology in a given real-world challenge with the aim to improve international entrepreneurship education.

Workshop Day 2:

  • Interpret the approach – present project experiences, findings and learnings
  • Challenge the approach – explore the pitfalls and limits of Design Thinking
  • Evaluate the approach – learn about latest developments, the evolving scientific and methodic state of knowledge and a potential future outlook on Design Thinking


The Workshop takes place on May 26th, 2017 (at CDTM in Munich) and on June 09th, 2017 (at CDTM in Munich & online).


Key Facts:

– Contact: eithealth@cdtm.de
– Certificate: Certificate of Participation
– Language of Instruction: English
– Team size: 2-4