EIT Health - Trend Seminar

What is the Trend Seminar?

The Trend Seminar fosters the development of innovative health business models through state-of the-art trend research, scenario planning, and systematic business idea generation with proven methods. The course is conducted in close cooperation with industry partners and delivers real life value. Over the course of 7 weeks up to 25 students from different disciplines address an upcoming health technology topic agreed upon with the industry partner. European student exchange is supported, as the course is open to talented incoming exchange students.

The Trend Seminar is divided into the three phases Basic Phase, Scenario Phase and Ideation Phase whereas the students work in different interdisciplinary teams with 4 to 7 team members in each of the three phases. First: Basic Phase consists of guided literature research in the fields of society, technology, economic, political and legal trends related to the associated health technology topic as well as keynote speeches from the project partner and external experts. Second, in the scenario phase the students elaborate future scenarios with a time span of 20+ years following a systematic scenario planning approach. Third, in the ideation phase the student groups develop health technology related business ideas based on the business model canvas.

The EIT Health trend seminar in Fall Term 2016 revolves around the topic „Digital innovation in diabetes care – opportunities and risks for patients, health care, and economies”. It takes place from August 22 until the final presentation on October 7!

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