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On June 16, announced its class of 2016. Following the success of the CDTM startups KONUX and UNU, Building Radar ranked among the TOP10 and received $100k in funding. offers a great program for startups across universities, countries, and industries. To give you a better idea of the program, we have asked KONUX to reflect on their personal experience:

We first met Michael Baum at the Center. He was talking about how rewarding it is to found your own company and the factors that enable growth beyond nine figure sums. After meticulously preparing and iterating our pitch deck and the final presentation at CDTM, we were really hoping to get into the program to learn from a person who has been there, done that, and proved to be successful.

Even though Michael would blame us for the poor quality of our pitch slides, there must have been something that convinced him of our capability to really follow our vision. Since then, we had the chance to get to know first hand how helpful it can be to be part of a program like this.

One of the greatest parts of being in the program is getting to know the other startups and talking with them about their experiences. Even though most of the other startups are not in a B2B hardware area, it is still very helpful when it comes to their experiences in topics like funding and operations. The best place to share your experiences in the program is the quarterly conferences. It is awesome how many startups find the time and money to travel to them. Next to having the chance to get to know the other startups and the team better, probably one of the best parts is the great food served there and the fun activities surrounding the conference. The last conference was held in San Francisco and it was a great event where we focused on how to land your first customers. It helped us to find the right stakeholders within our most promising customer segments.

The conferences aren’t the only very helpful part of the program; through the weekly challenges we get help growing KONUX. They are a chance to get feedback on many different topics. How many startups are able to get direct feedback on a weekly basis by such a successful founder like Michael Baum? Michael is also extremely helpful when it comes to looking for investment and potential customers. He has been a great help so far with getting in touch with investors and is also leveraging his network to introduce us to potential customers. We were able to convince the team that we are one of the ten most promising startups of the Class of 2015 and won the TOP10 award, which comes with a grant of $100,000. This grant has been a great help in getting our operations running and hiring more people.

The program accepts applications on a yearly basis. If you’re interested, start preparing your applications for next spring!

Johannes studies Computer Science at the Technical University of Munich and started CDTM in Fall 2014. He is interested in mobile development and how technology can be used to improve our everyday life.