Google Glass, Robots, and a Heart Full of Passion

Google Glass, Robots, and a Heart Full of Passion

Inspire&Dine summer edition in July

CDTM's Inspire&Dine in July
CDTM’s Inspire&Dine in July

Under the slogan Inspire&Dine, CDTM gathers its supporters and friends once a month for an evening of talks, discussions and delicacies. Speakers present a topic of general interest, ranging from leadership to digital innovation and reports of own experiences with entrepreneurial adventures.

The July edition of CDTM’s Inspire&Dine was marked by excellent weather and an amazing view over the rooftops of Munich. The first two speakers came all the way from Switzerland to present Google Glass and discuss its future potential. Milos Radovic and Wolff-Christian Eickhoff who are both Senior Consultants at the leading full web service agency Namics, talked about Pro’s and Con’s of Google’s fancy gadget. Thanks to the support of fashion designer Diane von Fürstenberg, the technology is looking more and more like a fashionable pair of glasses. With Google Glass you can take photos, check out short videos and obtain information on nearby restaurants. Nevertheless, Milos Radovic was not convinced that a fancy design solves the problem of wearing the gadget in public: “When I went to a restaurant with my father while wearing Google Glass, he asked me to take the glasses off – to him it felt weird and unnatural.” He also strongly advised against using Google Glass as a navigation system while driving due to the lack of focus on road traffic and cause of potential accidents. In the opinion of the Namics consultants, mass-market adaption of Google Glass will be pushed by businesses, for example through the use in production processes, and not by end-consumers. However, they remain sceptical with regard to the overall rollout of the technology, referring to the still unclear added value of Google Glass compared to traditional devices such as smartphones and the rising competition from other and currently more functional wearables.

After the launch into Google’s gadget universe, five CDTM student teams presented the prototypes they built during the CDTM elective course Sketching with Hardware, supervised by the Center Assistant Florian Gall. The interdisciplinary course aims at uniting tech and non-tech students to develop innovative ideas and work on physical prototypes. The outcomes were impressive and humorous prototypes, ranging from an automated portrait-painting pen to an alarm clock that, once the alarm rings, electrocutes its wearer each time a riddle is not solved in time.

Last but not least, Philip Debbas, founder of ysura and MuniConS took the audience on an entertaining and vivid journey through his life as an entrepreneur, starting when he was at University and “writing hundreds and hundreds of lines of code each day, then going to [the nightclub] P1, getting back home and continue coding” to his life as an employer of hundreds of people. His open-minded attitude towards life and entrepreneurship turned his speech into an inspiring and convincing trip through what it means to be an entrepreneur: being on top, falling deep and rising again. At the bottom line, Debbas emphasized the importance of passion in pursuing a successful and fulfilling career – as an entrepreneur or within a corporation. “If you aren’t passionate about what you’re doing – someone else is. And this person will be much better at what you’re doing.”

Hanno Renner, student from CDTM’s class of spring 2014 and Inspire&Dine anchor, summed the evening up as follows: “Somehow, this night was an apt reflection of CDTM’s curriculum:  It began with Google Glass: an evolving technology with an unsure future outcome – the learnings of the Trend Seminar. Then it entered the prototyping phase and showed the creations of a few days of sketching with hardware – similar to the course Managing Product Development. Last but not least, this night depicted the challenges and enrichments of entrepreneurship – which students experience during the eLab course.”

All in all, July’s Inspire&Dine at CDTM was a diverse mélange of different topics that encouraged the audience to head into the wild jungle of ideas and challenges with an optimistic heart filled with passion. We say cheers, and see you at the next Inspire&Dine in October!

Judith is studying communication science, economics and management at Ludwig-Maximilians-Universität and started CDTM in spring 2014. She is passionate about the content industry, digital media, fashion and retail.