loqloq is ready for takeoff

Author: Philipp Rathjen

Many successful start-ups have their roots in CDTM spirit, yet it is always inspiring when a group of students embark upon a venture of their own making. This week we want to introduce loqloq, an up-and-coming CDTM start-up founded early this year. Pascal Fritzen, Lucy Ivanova, Mark Kugel, and Joachim Neu, a team composed of four generations of CDTM students, have put their heads together to offer a promising bundled hardware and software solution for items storage with all the perks of the shareconomy.

loqloq builds smart lockers that enable efficient and convenient exchange of items. Users can book, open, and share lockers, which are to be made available in the public and private domain, with only their smartphone: A simple and effective mechanism that can prove priceless in several diverse use cases, such as package delivery or item rental. The team has been waiting in the wings to launch this type of endeavor for quite some time. But soon after deciding on the startup idea they want to follow, the implementation proceeded quickly – a prototype was ready within days.

Each team member brings invaluable experiences and skills to the table. For example, Joachim and Pascal worked previously together in launching the successful CDTM Center Venture Dono application in 2014, while Mark and Joachim worked together on the MPD project UMBO, which was enthusiastically received by the MPD crowd. Pascal also brought his familiarity with locking solutions to the team, which he gained through the QUANTO MPD project this year, as well as his experiences with the opportunities and challenges surrounding this technology. And last but not least, Lucy, after having written no less than eight business plans, brings in experience from the CDTM/founder.org startup „Zebra“ that works with smart lighting.

With diverse backgrounds in information systems, electrical engineering, and business administration, the loqloq team looks confidently upon future challenges. In the near future, these include primarily scaling their project to the degree where they can gain concrete user feedback, and working to improve all the dimensions of the service they are offering. On a small scale, loqloq is readily available within the CDTM facilities for anyone who wants to try it and give the team valuable feedback!

Philipp studies economics at the Ludwig Maximilians University. Passionate about digital innovation, he joined CDTM in Fall 2014.