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Although their professional paths led them to a wide range of countries, industrial branches and functions, former CDTM-students keep close contact. As members of the Alumni Club, they support the CDTM, cultivate the network, and advise students on career concerning questions.

Friends that Stay for Life

After completion of the CDTM-program, students maintain close ties with their classmates and contribute to the further development of the CDTM. Some years ago, an effective Alumni Association (“Förderverein”) was founded by former graduates, primarily aiming at the collection of resources.

Its members – leaders, managers and innovators who work in different countries and branches now – strike for a twofold goal:

  • They try to sustain valuable bonds through a variety of activities, e.g. a regular gathering at the Bar of the Month, general meetings, participating in the mentoring program, and the updating of the online directory.
  • Being committed to the idea of returning what they received from the CDTM, they actively support the Center through various channels.

The CDTM graduates work for international companies, such as The Boston Consulting Group, McKinsey & Company, Hewlett Packard, Siemens, Vodafone, HypoVereinsbank, and many more.


The BLUEBOOK is dedicated to all the people who shaped the history of CDTM and for sure – the CDTM itself. Within the process of creating this book, we made quite an effort to gather and combine CVs, interviews and pictures, which allow drawing a sketch of the CDTM history since its very first days.

The book contains profiles of > 420 alumni of 15 years CDTM informing about their current and past positions and contact information. We hope you will use it as a valuable resource to find people and reconnect for business, for finding jobs and applicants as well as for a good chat over some wine about your time at the center.

The BLUEBOOK is the first collection of information of this kind. It is made by and for CDTM students and alumni within a trusting community and is absolutely meant to remain in these realms and not to be circulated to the outside!

How do I get my BLUEBOOK?

Please show your appreciation and help cover the cost for the book (~EUR 30.00) by voluntarily donating more than the requested amount.

  • To get the book for free, you need to be or can become an Alumni Club member (please contribute on a ‘pay as you wish’ basis, at least EUR 5.00 to cover delivery cost). If you are not yet a member, fill in the membership form and send a signed scan/photo of the form to .
  • Donate at least 30 EUR if you are not an Alumni Club member.

To order your personal copy today, please send an e-mail to . We will send you details on how to proceed with your payment.

Alumni Club Membership

Become a member now! If you are a former CDTM student and have not yet joined the CDTM Alumni Club please sign up now. It is quick and easy and enables you to stay in touch with the CDTM community long after graduating.

CDTM Alumni Club provides you with the following benefits:

  • CDTM newsletter and Alumni news
  • invitation to exclusive Alumni events
  • networking tool to stay in contact with your friends
  • and many more

Download the membership form and send a signed scan/photo to .