Project Examples

Core Courses - Possibilities for cooperation

All core courses are held in close cooperation with project partners from industry and research.

Project with Siemens on "The future of sensor-based authentication"

Trends • Scenarios • Business Models

The Trend Seminar

  • Teams analyze trends, create scenarios and develop innovative business concepts on a highly future-relevant topic
  • They are coached intensely by center assistants and external experts following proven methodologies
  • Interdisciplinary class of ca. 25 students, sub teams
  • 7 weeks full time (plus processing of report)

Development of an autonomously flying quadrocopter that can carry a GoPro in cooperation with Sebastian Schuon (Stylight)

Project with Siemens and fortiss to develop a smart home application

Project with Fraunhofer to develop a solution that tracks and analyzes the shopping behavior of retail store visitors

User Studies • Prototypes • Business Plans

Managing Product Development

  • An idea is developed into a business model and a functioning prototype
  • Accompanying workshops and coachings
  • A close collaboration with the project partner ensures great results
  • Interdisciplinary teams of 4-5 students
  • Over the course of one semester

Analyses • Strategies • Action Plans

Entrepreneurship Laboratory

  • Entrepreneurial solutions to a question of strategic relevance are developed
  • Teams are coached by center assistants and management consultants; they spend one day of the week at the project partner
  • Interdisciplinary teams of 3-4 students
  • Over the course of one semester


The choice of electives offered is continuously adapted to include current trend topics and provide the relevant skill set for future innovators.
Recent examples are:

Center Venture

Students develop a business idea into a functioning prototype within no more than five days.

3D Printing

The role of 3D printing in a consumer and industrial context was examined in close cooperation with the Max Planck Institute.

Design Thinking

Students explore true customer needs and quickly gather feedback on prototypes, following the design thinking approach.

Sketching with Hardware

Tech and non-tech students develop innovative ideas and work on physical prototypes.

More Examples

More project examples are available in the blog.