Sketching with Hardware at CDTM

Author: Philipp Rathjen

It’s truly fascinating how fast you can transform ideas into actual working products. This year’s CDTM sketching with hardware elective was a great outlet for creativity and brought about really simple but fascinating projects.

Few people are aware of how simple it is to gain an understanding of hardware projects through technology such as Arduino. The LMU taught workshop sketching with hardware started promoting physical prototyping and tinkering with electronics. The success stories of this workshop carried over into the CDTM curriculum and has been taught regularly since 2011. This year’s instructors, Robert Kowalski and Vincent Sitzmann, began the session with an introductory presentation on electronic circuits and simple but creative examples on hacking electronics. After that, students were left to ideate and come up with projects of their own, to be fully developed within two days.

The project ideas developed during this time were highly diverse, ranging from novel forms of making music, over interior design solutions to an electronically enhanced version of the parlour game “Looping Louie.” Working with Arduino, a micro-controller based computing platform, allows quick prototyping of ideas. Anyone willing to dive in can easily find examples on how to interface Arduino with all types of sensors, motors, controllers, and how to develop a circuit. Days of soldering, drawing circuits, and programming led to actually functioning prototypes, which will be presented to all those passionate about technology at the Inspire & Dine on June 9.

Philipp studies economics at the Ludwig Maximilians University. Passionate about digital innovation, he joined CDTM in Fall 2014.