The Idea Challenge – What is it?

The Idea Challenge – What is it?

Young visionaries of the information and communication technologies, heads up! The EIT ICT Labs Idea Challenge is looking for true innovations and revolutionary ideas that will shape the future.


Idea Challenge Locations

The Idea Challenge is a European innovation contest for early-stage startups. It takes place in eight different events all over Europe and each of them focuses on one of the eight most important trends in ICT:

  • Health & Wellbeing
  • Smart Spaces
  • Cyber-Physical Systems
  • Future Cloud
  • Cyber Security and Privacy
  • Internet of Things
  • Urban Life and Mobility
  • Smart Energy Systems.

Since 2010, the EIT ICT Labs is consistently mobilizing talents, ideas, technologies, investments, and businesses across Europe.


Aside from the financial injection of up to 40.000€, winners enjoy coaching and mentoring by the EIT ICT Labs Business Development Accelerator and are integrated into the pan-European partner network of the EIT ITC Labs. To hit it off fast, the teams also get office spaces in one of the Co-Location Centers located all over Europe for six months.


The contest consists of two stages: a written application and a pitch at the final event. During the intense two-day event with workshops, experts from the respective field help the teams develop their ideas further and discover their full potential.


The first four topics, Cyber-Physical Systems, Future Cloud, Health & Wellbeing and Smart Spaces, were seized in the first round of the Idea Challenge 2014 in Munich, Rennes, Eindhoven and Helsinki in the spring. To find out more about the topics, watch the videos below.

In the second round in the fall, the events in Trento, Stockholm, London and Berlin will examine innovations in  Cyber-Security and Privacy, Internet of Things, Urban Life & Mobility, and Smart Energy Systems. Applications will be open in September 2014, so challenge yourself and start thinking about a business idea already!

To find out more, visit – but check out the videos of the first four topics first!


Cyber-Physical Systems // Munich, Germany



Future Cloud // Rennes, France



Health & Wellbeing // Eindhoven



Smart Spaces // Helsinki

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