Zentrum Digitalisierung Bayern successfully founded

Zentrum Digitalisierung Bayern successfully founded

Uber revolutionizes the taxi industry without owning any cars. Facebook became one of the most important media providers without producing any content. Spotify offers a music services that doesn’t sell a single song but monthly subscriptions. Digitization in general is turning business models and service models upside down. What will happen with industries such as energy, healthcare or mobility with an increasing influence of digital technologies?

In order to keep up with such fast-paced developments the Bavarian government has recently founded the “Zentrum Digitalisierung.Bayern (ZD.B)” – with Prof. Broy (one of the founding fathers and Board Professors of the CDTM) as the founding president. Furthermore, as a member of the ZD.B-taskforce, the CDTM is actively involved in the identification of suitable initiatives within the Zentrum Digitalisierung.Bayern (ZD.B).

Since 2013 the Bavarian government is working on a digital strategy to position the state of Bavaria at the top of a worldwide digital competition. As part of this strategy, the Zentrum Digitalisierung.Bayern (ZD.B) is currently defining possibilities to improve the communication and networking of relevant players – involving academia and industry. One of the core initiatives is to transfer the educational concept of the CDTM to further locations in Bavaria. In addition, the CDTM is involved in the conceptualization of proposals regarding the support of start-ups and entrepreneurs. Watch the following video for more information about the opening ceremony of the Zentrum Digitalisierung.Bayern (ZD.B).

Deputy Minister-President of Bavaria Ilse Aigner at the Z.DB opening event - next to her CDTM CA Florian Lachner

Laura is part of the Management Team at CDTM. With a background in economics, cultural and political science, she is interested in societal aspects of technology as well as bridging the gap between sustainability issues and tech innovation. She is conducting her research in the field of Entrepreneurship Education at the Max-Planck-Institut for Innovation and Competition.