It was one year ago that Building Radar started its operations. Since then the young company has achieved the title of an “award-winning search engine easy to use for construction projects”. The company has been winning prizes and recognition such as the Copernicus Masters Competition, Founder Competition of the German Family Offices, the Disruptive Technology Challenge and joining the program which it all of won in 2015. The frenzy continued in 2016, where they won the ESA Space App Camp, Nanjing 321 in China and the SAP Hana Innovation award as one of the Next-Generation Apps in Orlando, Florida. As of March Building Radar stepped outside the European boundaries and also started its operations in Silicon Valley. Like many successful startups in Munich, this journey also started at the CDTM.

Two of the founders, Leopold Neuerburg and Raoul Friedrich were students at the center, while over time many more students joined the team. Offering a complex software product in a traditionally analogous market Building Radar depended from the beginning on an interdisciplinary and entrepreneurial team, which they found at the CDTM. “We gladly welcome the folks from CDTM to our team as they bring along a special drive and mindset,” says Leopold Neuerburg, one of the founders and CDTM Alumni. Also, thanks to the support of the center, Building Radar had the first free office for one year, an incubator room at a prime location in Munich center. CDTM contributed to the success of the company giving them support through CDTM’s course “Managing Product Development” (MPD) where five students supported Building Radar for three months with market research and product development. Also, the first investors were contacted via the CDTM entrepreneurial network.

The company was founded by five students with business and tech backgrounds, with previous experience in the construction industry and search engine companies. They had the vision to offer a unique product that offers more technologically-driven ways to overcome issues related with the painful process of sales leads research in the construction industry. Building Radar provides a user-friendly search engine, for construction projects worldwide. It allows for easy search and evaluation of new business opportunities by exploring thousands of construction projects: by location, size of the building, companies that are part of and 60 more parameters. The data meet the highest quality standards in the industry and is constantly updated by an international team of technology specialists.

The journey from their days as CDTM students to a startup has been of great success so far. Here’s wishing them more of it in the future!

Author: Bastian Burger