Warm spring days are perfect for hiking and so a group of us decided to plan a 2 day hiking trip to Wallberg near Tegernsee. As April and May approaches people on the streets get more friendly as everyone is looking forward to the warm sun and the English Garden sunbaths. The Bavarian mountains also start calling the people from Munich to climb their summits. So we thought it was a perfect time to go hiking!

Who are we?

When people from the CDTM and Manage & More (M&M) meet, they often realize that they share the same mindset and also like doing the same things. So we figured, it might be nice to do some joint activities. Eventually we had a pretty mixed crowd of 14 people: M&M, CDTM and friends. The next activity in turn will be organized by M&M, so stay tuned!

Warm weather and sun? 

Well, that is what we were hoping to witness. A couple of days before the trip, the weather forecast indicated a slightly different tendency: snow down to 1000 meters above sea level. Seriously? We are in May!!! Despite some doubts, we decided to take the odds and go. However the forecast was right. When we approached our lodge, we were faced with a small blizzard.

Luckily everyone was well equipped and we continued to climb the Wallberg. Wind and snow became heavier, but Birnen Obstler and a rewarding occasional blink through the clouds down onto Tegernsee kept us warm and motivated. In the evening we enjoyed a very nice meal in Wallberghaus (Kasspatzn or Schweinebraten) and played games. Our host Petra and Hanno were very friendly and helpful!

After a strengthening breakfast we packed our stuff and set off. This day it was still snowing, but the spirits were high. By now everyone was used to the cold breeze and felt like Christmas was approaching. Our first summit to climb was the Setzberg. On the way down we hiked through a fairy-tale winter scenery.

The next summit on our route was the Risserkogel. This is a quite challenging mountain if the conditions are as wet and muddy as they were that day. In consequence we decided to split up the group, especially because some were equipped with non-solid shoe work. The group from Risserkogel was rewarded with an occasional glimpse down to Tegernsee and one or two rays of sun. The other group went back to Wallberghaus and continued on the forest road towards the valley.

Eventually we met again and walked the last kilometers to the bus station. In the last part we also found an impressive waterfall. Tired but very happy, longing for a warm bath or shower, we reached Munich again at 8 in the evening. We are now looking forward to the next trip hopefully with a slightly more favorable weather.

Thanks to Marius Wiggert and Martin Patz (Class of Spring 2016) for organizing the hiking trip!

Author: Martin Patz