In order to give you a glimpse on the entrepreneurial spirit around the CDTM, we would like to introduce to you some of the startups who are currently working in the CDTM startup office spaces.

Every semester, young startups get the opportunity to work at the CDTM startup office spaces to fully focus on their business idea. They apply by sending in a pitch deck, describing their startup idea and who they are. The next round is a pitch in front of the center assistants that describes what the startup would like to achieve during its stay at the startup office spaces and talks about possible connection factors to the CDTM community.
It is of course very comfortable to be able to abstin from tedious room hunting in Munich. Other benefits, however, definitely outweigh the mere square meters: the startups work alongside other young entrepreneurs and profit from mutual inspiration and support. At the moment, the rooms are allocated to a couple of startups. Among them are Plantura, ORDA, leanquo and Workpath.


Plantura strives to become the largest online magazine in the field of gardening. The idea of Plantura emanated during various discussions at the CDTM. From the beginning on the company consisted of an interdisciplinary and entrepreneurial team, having its basis at the CDTM. Being data-driven and applying reader-friendly monetization schemes, are the company’s core pillars. While conventional publishers mostly rely on their gut feeling when assessing potential topics, Plantura’s decisions are based on large datasets and analytic insights to assess which content is worth creating. Additionally, the platform allows professional as well as hobby gardeners to open their knowledge via third-party articles to the public. Instead of applying business models from the analogous print world such as paywalls to online media, the company offers its content free of charge with revenues being generated by targeted product placement and product recommendation of integrated partners.


ORDA is a smart phone application that functions as a gastronomy portal in which guests of venues can order and pay through a digital menu in the respective corporate identity of the partner restaurant. Users are then located directly at their seats through Bluetooth Low Energy (BLE) technology in form of beacons with the iBeacon protocol.



Workpath is a Software-as-a-Service solution for goal management in established companies. Since its foundation in January 2017, the company strives to become the operating system for people and performance management in larger organizations in Europe. With its simple and intuitive user interface, Workpath supports enterprises digitizing their people operations processes and promoting agile working environments with more autonomy, focus, and cross-functional collaboration for teams. The platform guides employees through transparent goal management processes and helps making objective-based leadership and quantitative goal setting a daily habit. With a focus on workflow clarity, user experience, and European data security standards, the company is clearly positioned in the growing HR software market. The team behind Workpath is deeply connected to the CDTM, with one of their founders and the majority of their team members being alumni.

All startups may work receive the rooms for four months, but can stay in the rooms for a maximum of one year. We will keep you posted on startup related news and application deadlines for the CDTM startup office spaces.