Since the 2018 World Cup quarterfinals were played off without our favorite national teams, the CDTM Class of Spring 2018 invited tech enthusiasts and (disappointed) football fans alike to their personal grand finale of the MPD course.

Like every semester, 25 motivated students with diverse backgrounds came together at the MPD course, formed interdisciplinary teams, joint forces with one of five leading industry partners and set up to tackle a real world innovation challenge – all in just 13 weeks. The MPD format follows the human-centered design approach and covers the complete innovation cycle from idea to functional prototype. Along the way, the students conducted stakeholder interviews, user studies and iteratively developed prototypes.

After 13 weeks of intensive works and countless pivots, the teams were ready to present their prototypes and product vision on a big stage. During the MPD Product Design Fair they demonstrated their ideas to an excited audience. In case you missed the Design Fair, here are the teams’ product visions at a glance:

ProPortio – Perfectly fitting Protective Equipment without Try-On.

Everyone knows the nerve-racking and time-consuming struggle to try on clothes. Especially salespeople who have to equip entire workforces waste an enormous amount of time.

ProPortio has the solution. Don´t waste your time with a lengthy fitting and a poor fit. ProPortio offers a mobile application that enables salespeople of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) clothes to equip their clients without try-on by identifying body measurement with a 5-second 360° video.

Starc – the future workout

The global fitness market is showing consistent growth numbers within the two digits. But the true question is how many of the active gym athletes actually successfully achieve consistent results? The split is obvious.

Starc overcomes this gab and represents a holistic solution which will enable every gym goer to efficiently reach their aspired results in no time. The Starc smart glove recognizes every exercise performed. The gloves are fitted with inertial motion, touch and pressure sensors to classify the majority of athletes’ gym exercises. The Starc app connects the gym gloves to track the user’s workout as well as generate customized workouts. The personalized voice coaching through your smartphone helps to train efficiently.

Breadcrumbs – finding accurate information…no longer like finding a needle

Companies seek generate values from AI-based business decisions empower by intelligent systems. Yet, often the essential fuel for these systems seems to be forgotten: reliable data.

Breadcrumbs delivers an end-to-end solution for an integrated data cleansing process to provide companies with the intuitive means to solve data errors effectively. The prototype is tailored to manufacture and maintain service providers for complex machinery. It offers automated data error detection, an intuitive resolution platform as well as visualization of available data.

Park@ – optimizing parking solutions for commercial properties

Parking lots at supermarkets are currently not used efficiently. Although their parking lots remain unused for the majority of the hours, they face the challenge of guaranteeing enough free parking spots for their customers during business hours.

Park@ digitizes the process of using parking disks, by developing a hardware prototype that detects vehicles entering and exiting the parking lot. The dynamic sign at the entry point as well as the web-based management system enable the solution. Park@ guarantees free parking spots during business hours for customers by fining parking lot misuse and outside of business hours. Additionally, supermarkets can conveniently rent out parking spots at night and generate additional revenue.

JobMate – We create the recruiting world of tomorrow

The time-consuming and annoying application and recruiting process occupies almost everyone today. The goal was to rethink the traditional recruiting process and all related elements, from career webpages to cover letters, etc…

JobMate is an innovative tool for applicants and recruiter which simplifies today’s world of recruiting and brings a unique job application experience to the market. JobMate is a mobile and web application where recruiter post job offers, which are preselected based on criteria and they select among candidate profiles. If both parties signal interest, it is a match! JobMate offers key features such as automatic profile creation, intelligent matching and an integrated pre-assessment via video.

Class of Spring 2018: Having started their journey at the CDTM in February 2018, they have just finished their Managing Product Development (MPD) Seminar in August