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Mindfulness in business and mindful management – that’s what the Conscious Management Elective at CDTM was all about. The course was conducted by Thomas Bleyer and Dr. med. Markus Deutschmann. One of the several great aspects of CDTM, students can gain a multitude of experiences under the same roof. The past 40 days have been one such experience. Let’s dive right in.

Meditation for Students – Approach And The Benefits Of It

Students and the instructor meditating

Kicking-off with a two-day workshop, Thomas Bleyer demonstrated to us various exercises and meditation techniques in order to help us become more aware, calmer, and mindful in our everyday doings. With a complimentary approach, Markus introduced various theories of neuroscience, starting with how the brain might work and then walking us through evolutionary biology and its impact on our social structure and on our psyche. Being presented with numerous studies about the benefits of meditation on the human brain, I believe, most of us were not only convinced that there might be something to meditation but also left in awe of the concept.

Meditating with a group under constant supervision was fine, but the real challenge was forming a habit to practice it every day. To help inculcate meditation in our daily lives, Markus set up a daily meditation log group, where we could post pictures of ourselves meditating. With the push of having a horde of notifications from our classmates meditating every morning, each of us made it a point to step up and try to find at least 11 minutes for ourselves daily. And so, we did. Continuously sharing our experiences with like-minded people and encouraging each other, we were able to keep up the practice for 28 days, until our next session.

Mindfulness in Business – How Organizations Can Adopt Meditation Techniques

Our second session encompassed applying mindfulness and meditation in a fast-paced business world. With the same format of meditation sessions sandwiched between lectures, we learnt about examples of small as well as big organizations that have incorporated the practice of mindfulness and mindful management. Having practiced meditation for a month, everyone was curious about how we could translate this practice into the companies we work for or establish in the future. In an interactive session, Thomas and Markus provided us with extremely valuable insights regarding how meditation and mindfulness in business could be adopted in organizations and society to improve communication and well-being in general.

The whole course has been an incredible experience, right from the start. Having learnt about neuroscience, meditation as well as about ourselves, this course has rendered every one of us with an enriched purview on mindfulness. We totally recommend you to try this at home!

A big thank you to Thomas and Markus, and to all the participants who made this an experience to cherish forever.

Shiv Contractor (Class of Fall 2018) & Jannik Wiedenhaupt (Class of Spring 2019)

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