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The greatest pride of the CDTM is to see their community creating impact and fulfilling their goals and plans, on many instances, to an immeasurable success. Their progress is filled with obstacles, perseverance and hard work, and each story is an unique portrait of resiliency and effort from which we can always learn. On this series, we are going to focus on a subgroup of our Awesome community; our female centrelines. We want these stories to inspire others in their respective fields and aspire to pursuit their own dreams and don’t be afraid of aiming high!

On our community we have consultants, founders, engineers, scientists, managers and directors, all of them creating impact on their own field. No goal is too big for our community and their stories are examples to replicate.

On this first post, we are going to take a small peek at some of the female entrepreneurs on their Start up journeys. There is no specific order and our list is at no extend complete. Our intention is to summarise some of their stories and tell the details of their own experiences, from their biggest challenges, passions, and their advices to all females pursuing their entrepreneurial dreams.

Here is a small preview:

Veronika Schweighart:

Veronika is a passionate entrepreneur with international work experience in business development, consulting, marketing and employer branding. She pursuits a mission to tackle challenging problems in order to improve human life.

“Nothing is impossible. The word said I’M POSSIBLE.” – Audrey Hepburn.

Veronika has co-founded not only one, but two successful startups, being one Nuclino, a personal favourite for knowledge management, and currently Climedo Health.

Veronika Riederle:

After working as a case team leader at Bain & Company, Veronica co-founded Demodesk in 2017 with another CDTM Alumnus, Alex Popp. Since then, they have been working on their screen sharing and video conferencing platform with integrated real-time sales assistance. Veronika joined Y Combinator with Demodesk and this year they closed an Series A funding raising $8 million. Quite an impressive growth on the last years.

Judith Dada:

Judith Dada has an impressive curriculum, with companies such as Bain, Holtzbrinck Digital, Facebook and La Famiglia VC, from which she is currently a partner. La Famiglia VC recently announced on August a €50 Million fund to uncover the sleeping giants of B2B tech, joined by CDTM entrepreneurs.

Victoria Hauzeneder:

Victoria has a very complete start up ecosystem experience. She has been a Venture Analyst at next47, CTO of Blik, Mentor at Techstars, head of Customer Success at and currently as the Chief of Staff at Demodesk. Many young companies and a variety of roles within them has for sure brought a lot unique experiences to Victoria.

Josephine Kühl:

Josephine has been over the last 5 years working at Bain, starting as a working student and making her way up to Consultant. Consultancy is a highly competitive space and a lot of resilience, patience and hard work is required to build up a successful career within one of the biggest name in the industry.

Sarah Fleischer:

We have had the pleasure at the center to have Sarah as a mentor and as a speaker. She is currently and adjunct professor at the University of Luxembourg and an economic advisor for the Luxembourg Space Agency, but this is only a small part of her endeavours. For a more in comprehensive introduction to Sarah’s experiences and advices, we recommend you to take a look at her TEDx talk:

On our next post, we will present a small interview with one of these entrepreneurs and explore their amazing stories. Follow us and don’t miss our next presentation of the Female entrepreneur series!

Special thanks to Katrin Sievert who inspired this series and supported this initiative.

Author: Alexis Gamboa.

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