IoT Hardware Prototype Elective 2021


IoT hardware prototyping elective Blog post 30/7/2021 Structure: Intro Ideation CAD Design Basics of 3D printing Basics of microcontrollers Basics of programming Basics of crowdfunding and visual product representation How did this course affect me? What is the CDTM?   The IoT(Internet of Things) Hardware prototyping elective is one [...]

IoT Hardware Prototype Elective 20212021-12-15T17:08:31+01:00

Entrepreneurship Lab in summer term 2021


After a few semesters, when students at CDTM have successfully completed both MPD and Trend Seminar and some electives, it is time for each Centerling to tackle the last of the three core courses: The Entrepreneurship Laboratory (eLab). The eLab is a twelve-week long project-based course Thus, the contents [...]

Entrepreneurship Lab in summer term 20212021-12-15T17:14:11+01:00
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