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Schools, Turtles and Code – Enabling Early Technology Education


Wednesday, 8.45 a.m. in Munich, the school bell rings… …and kids in the 5th grade of Mittelschule Simmernstraße and Guardinistraße are just starting their second lesson of the day. But this lesson is very different to the usual subjects like Math, German or English. In this period, the kids [...]

Schools, Turtles and Code – Enabling Early Technology Education2019-06-09T16:57:39+00:00

People Don’t Leave Companies, They Leave Bad Managers – A Talk with Martin Ott


Thursday night, 6pm, Munich... ...a bunch of excited Centerlings welcome a very special guest on the 6th floor, right above the center, for an intimate presentation and open discussion with Martin Ott, Managing Director Facebook Central Europe. „How many of you have a Facebook account?” Smiles appear on many [...]

People Don’t Leave Companies, They Leave Bad Managers – A Talk with Martin Ott2019-06-09T17:01:57+00:00

Exploring Universal Basic Income – a Center Study


Almost everybody wants it and almost nobody knows how to implement it: Universal Basic Income (UBI). The idea that every human gets a fixed income without any conditions. A brave idea which challenges our traditional idea of work, career and leisure. While following the public discussion one can see that [...]

Exploring Universal Basic Income – a Center Study2019-06-09T17:18:45+00:00

CDTM Startup Offices Spaces


In order to give you a glimpse on the entrepreneurial spirit around the CDTM, we would like to introduce to you some of the startups who are currently working in the CDTM startup office spaces. Every semester, young startups get the opportunity to work at the CDTM startup office [...]

CDTM Startup Offices Spaces2019-06-09T17:30:31+00:00

Summarizing the Organizational Success Elective


How to effectively build, lead and scale a successful organization From 18 to 20 of November 2016 20 curious and highly motivated students from various classes made their way to the beautiful Tegernsee for the elective course “Organizational Success” organized by two of the Stylight founders. Stylight success story [...]

Summarizing the Organizational Success Elective2019-06-09T17:41:03+00:00

Social Entrepreneurship Workshop


There are non-traditional entrepreneurial ways in order to create added value for society. CDTM students are sometimes perceived as wanting to attend CDTM to acquire the necessary managerial and technological skills on how to found the next unicorn. But that does not reflect the actual diverse interests of Centerlings. [...]

Social Entrepreneurship Workshop2019-06-09T17:38:34+00:00

Think Health Workshop in cooperation with EIT Health


Minh Le and Manuel Grossmann about the Think Health Workshop: Demystifying eHealth by supporting Munich healthcare startups 22 students from 12 disciplines, two real-world problems, input from 5 eHealth experts, 4 days of hard work and intense discussions. All this came down to two final presentations at the end of [...]

Think Health Workshop in cooperation with EIT Health2016-11-29T14:30:35+00:00

CDTM Center Venture 2016


Konstantin Huneke about the CDTM Center Venture 2016: Student housing is one of the most pressing problems in Munich. Let us start with the overall objective: immediate impact. An interdisciplinary team of 18 students worked for one week on a solution that guides you through the jungle of Munich’s student [...]

CDTM Center Venture 20162016-11-08T09:57:57+00:00

CDTM Center Venture Presentation


We invite you to the final presentation of this year's Center Venture on Friday, October 14 at 6:00 pm. 5 days of hackathon, in which 17 students work day and night towards one solution... …we are building an open data platform for solving one of the most urgent problems of [...]

CDTM Center Venture Presentation2016-10-12T17:23:52+00:00

Final Presentation of the EIT Health Trend Seminar


On October 7, the final presentation day of the EIT Health Trend Seminar 2016 took place at CDTM, a joint institution of the Technical University Munich and Ludwig-Maximilian University in Munich. In front of many guests including representatives of the universities (LMU and TU Munich), this year’s project partners (Profil [...]

Final Presentation of the EIT Health Trend Seminar2016-10-12T17:13:41+00:00