Like many of you might have heard, on October 9th, 2020 the CDTM Charity Run –Beirut Edition– took place. It all began as a random idea when we thought that it would be nice to have a real running competition again because all official events got cancelled due to [...]

WE RUN FOR BEIRUT2021-11-30T14:41:02+01:00

VC La Famiglia announces €50 million fund to uncover the sleeping giants of B2B tech, joined by CDTM entrepreneurs


Berlin, 12th August, 2020: La Famiglia – the VC backed by some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, family businesses and industry leaders – has announced a €50 million fund to uncover the next-generation of B2B giants. Next to established industry founders, a group of entrepreneurs and CDTM alumni, [...]

VC La Famiglia announces €50 million fund to uncover the sleeping giants of B2B tech, joined by CDTM entrepreneurs2021-11-30T14:38:23+01:00

Organizing the Quantitative Empirical Data Analysis Elective


Reading this, you probably know that the CDTM is a student-run organization. As such it heavily depends on Centerlings to create educational offerings within the center. Recently, we (that is Laura Steinke from class Fall 2019 and Max Mynter from class Spring 2019) went through this experience and organized [...]

Organizing the Quantitative Empirical Data Analysis Elective2021-02-25T14:54:08+01:00

Collaboration for Sustainability


Our generation is facing unprecedented challenges with the tremendous changes in our personal and professional lives. In this VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world, we need more collaboration across lines because none of us will be able solve the problems alone. This is especially true when it comes [...]

Collaboration for Sustainability2020-06-30T12:11:58+02:00

Self Leadership Backbone at CDTM with Bridgingpositions


We, as Centerlings, are invariably occupied and handling countably many responsibilities at once. Studies, projects, work, and our personal life ask for our attention every day. We are constantly running from one appointment to the next, while our daily routine leaves no space to contemplate whether our endeavors will [...]

Self Leadership Backbone at CDTM with Bridgingpositions2020-06-03T14:27:35+02:00

Social Health Entrepreneurship Elective


What is Social Entrepreneurship? Social Entrepreneurship has become increasingly popular during the last few years with over half of the social enterprises in the US founded in 2006 or later.[1] Also, the CDTM is focusing more and more on the social aspects of businesses and how to have a [...]

Social Health Entrepreneurship Elective2020-03-27T18:30:48+01:00

Practicing Mindfulness at CDTM with mynd:way


We are living in constant movement. At the Center everyone is always on the go. Constantly moving. Balancing regular studies with Center projects and personal lifes. Everyone is always connected. Sending emails, having calls, answering texts… And often it feels like we forget to just… breathe… On Thursday, Martina [...]

Practicing Mindfulness at CDTM with mynd:way2020-03-26T23:11:40+01:00

Hello World of Smart Contracts – The Blockchain Elective


There's nothing that's not a topic at the Center for Digital Technology and Management (CDTM). We have courses where students program smart drones, others where they learn to master the art of meditation and more where they build "food computers" that autonomously grow plants using robotic systems. But one [...]

Hello World of Smart Contracts – The Blockchain Elective2019-11-27T23:36:47+01:00

Our Student Sustainability Initiative


CDTM reshaped the way I think about sustainability – through our sustainability initiative In our own student sustainability initiative, my class (Spring 2019) has taken responsibility and made the Center life more sustainable. It span across all courses, and for me, my CDTM journey has reshaped the way I think [...]

Our Student Sustainability Initiative2019-09-02T13:54:07+02:00
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