Social Health Entrepreneurship Elective


What is Social Entrepreneurship? Social Entrepreneurship has become increasingly popular during the last few years with over half of the social enterprises in the US founded in 2006 or later.[1] Also, the CDTM is focusing more and more on the social aspects of businesses and how to have a [...]

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Beyond Goal Setting – Workpath’s OKR Forum @CDTM


About 70 interested people signed up for Workpath's OKR FORUM, this time in Munich on the 6th floor of CDTM. It is already the third OKR Forum Workpath has held at locations such as Deloitte Digital. The goal of the meet-up? To get informed about OKRs, find inspiration and [...]

Beyond Goal Setting – Workpath’s OKR Forum @CDTM2019-06-09T16:50:12+02:00

Schools, Turtles and Code – Enabling Early Technology Education


Wednesday, 8.45 a.m. in Munich, the school bell rings… …and kids in the 5th grade of Mittelschule Simmernstraße and Guardinistraße are just starting their second lesson of the day. But this lesson is very different to the usual subjects like Math, German or English. In this period, the kids [...]

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Exploring Universal Basic Income – a Center Study


Almost everybody wants it and almost nobody knows how to implement it: Universal Basic Income (UBI). The idea that every human gets a fixed income without any conditions. A brave idea which challenges our traditional idea of work, career and leisure. While following the public discussion one can see that [...]

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Summarizing the Organizational Success Elective


How to effectively build, lead and scale a successful organization From 18 to 20 of November 2016 20 curious and highly motivated students from various classes made their way to the beautiful Tegernsee for the elective course “Organizational Success” organized by two of the Stylight founders. Stylight success story [...]

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Social Entrepreneurship Workshop


There are non-traditional entrepreneurial ways in order to create added value for society. CDTM students are sometimes perceived as wanting to attend CDTM to acquire the necessary managerial and technological skills on how to found the next unicorn. But that does not reflect the actual diverse interests of Centerlings. [...]

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CDTM Entrepreneurs visit China with TIE


In order to foster the international relations among young entrepreneurs from China and Germany, the UnternehmerTUM and the Tsinghua xLab organized the TIE^2 program (referred to later as simply "TIE"). In the middle of May, 14 entrepreneurial minded students from Germany flew to Beijing for ten days in order to [...]

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CDTM takes on Drones


Program a drone to fly autonomously – within one week! That was the ambitious goal of 8 students of the CDTM who participated in the elective “Autonomous Drones”. The students with various backgrounds – from consumer affairs to computer science – learned within one week the basic concepts of [...]

CDTM takes on Drones2019-06-09T17:59:04+02:00

Checking in with


This article is the second in the space of a week that I have written concerning sustainable development projects undertaken by CDTM people (click here to read the article about If you know of more, please get in touch – because as Center Assistant, Laura Bechthold, says, “at [...]

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