Females of Impact series: CDTM Alumnae changing the world!


The greatest pride of the CDTM is to see their community creating impact and fulfilling their goals and plans, on many instances, to an immeasurable success. Their progress is filled with obstacles, perseverance and hard work, and each story is an unique portrait of resiliency and effort from which [...]

Females of Impact series: CDTM Alumnae changing the world!2021-02-18T13:06:26+01:00

Social Health Entrepreneurship Elective


What is Social Entrepreneurship? Social Entrepreneurship has become increasingly popular during the last few years with over half of the social enterprises in the US founded in 2006 or later.[1] Also, the CDTM is focusing more and more on the social aspects of businesses and how to have a [...]

Social Health Entrepreneurship Elective2020-03-27T18:30:48+01:00

Trend Seminar: Parenttech And The Future of Parenting


In the past seven weeks, 25 newly appointed CDTM students engaged in intensive trend research. We sought to find out what parenting will look like in the future and how technology can act as an enabler in the process. During the first course of our CDTM journey, the Trend [...]

Trend Seminar: Parenttech And The Future of Parenting2020-06-18T11:44:52+02:00

New Product Development For Students – Summer ’19


You want to know how you can learn new product development and digital prototyping in three months or less? The simple answer is: join the CDTM. Because this is exactly what we did in the second core course of the add-on study program Technology Management offered by the Center For Digital [...]

New Product Development For Students – Summer ’192019-10-10T11:52:12+02:00

ELab Project with Ebenbuild – Entrepreneurship for Students


One of the three main courses at CDTM is the Entrepreneurship Laboratory (eLab). The eLab is a project-based course of twelve weeks focusing on entrepreneurship for students. The student teams answer strategic business questions ranging from market entry strategy to a new pricing strategy for a SaaS product. To [...]

ELab Project with Ebenbuild – Entrepreneurship for Students2019-09-08T17:03:00+02:00

Trend Seminar Spring 2019: The Data-driven Future of Dairy


“Hey, you! Yes, you! May I sit with you? Yes? Great! Let me ask you a question: When does the CDTM journey start? Is it in the moment of the application, the interview, the confirmation you were accepted? Is it the kick-off weekend where you get to know your [...]

Trend Seminar Spring 2019: The Data-driven Future of Dairy2021-02-25T14:54:22+01:00

Berlin Startup Tour 2019


An Overview Of The Berlin Startup Scene Another round of the annual CDTM Berlin Startup Tour: For 2.5 days from June 2nd until June 4th, active CDTM students and alumni visited CDTM-affiliated early as well as late-stage startups, venture capital funds and a company builder in their offices. With [...]

Berlin Startup Tour 20192019-06-21T19:01:10+02:00
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