Summarizing the Organizational Success Elective


How to effectively build, lead and scale a successful organization From 18 to 20 of November 2016 20 curious and highly motivated students from various classes made their way to the beautiful Tegernsee for the elective course “Organizational Success” organized by two of the Stylight founders. Stylight success story [...]

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Think Health Workshop in cooperation with EIT Health


Demystifying eHealth by supporting Munich healthcare startups 22 students from 12 disciplines, two real-world problems, input from 5 eHealth experts, 4 days of hard work and intense discussions. All this came down to two final presentations at the end of the Think Health workshop at the CDTM last week. [...]

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CDTM Center Venture 2016


Student housing is one of the most pressing problems in Munich. Let us start with the overall objective: immediate impact. An interdisciplinary team of 18 students worked for one week on a solution that guides you through the jungle of Munich’s student housing market. Flatling – as it is [...]

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CDTM Entrepreneurs visit China with TIE


In order to foster the international relations among young entrepreneurs from China and Germany, the UnternehmerTUM and the Tsinghua xLab organized the TIE^2 program (referred to later as simply "TIE"). In the middle of May, 14 entrepreneurial minded students from Germany flew to Beijing for ten days in order to [...]

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Building Radar and its early days in the CDTM


It was one year ago that Building Radar started its operations. Since then the young company has achieved the title of an "award-winning search engine easy to use for construction projects". The company has been winning prizes and recognition such as the Copernicus Masters Competition, Founder Competition of the German [...]

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CDTM Student Co-Runs Refugee Employment Initiative


First, CDTM student Christian Klugow appeared on ARD speaking on behalf of his initiative, Then, other media outlets such as n-tv and the Süddeutsche Zeitung wanted to tell the story. So in the week that Germany announced its 1.1million incoming refugees for 2015 comfortably smashed previous annual [...]

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