Mynd:way at CDTM


We are living in constant movement. At the Center everyone is always on the go. Constantly moving. Balancing regular studies with Center projects and personal lifes. Everyone is always connected. Sending emails, having calls, answering texts… And often it feels like we forget to just… breathe… On Thursday, Martina [...]

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Hello World of Smart Contracts – The Blockchain Elective


There's nothing that's not a topic at the Center for Digital Technology and Management (CDTM). We have courses where students program smart drones, others where they learn to master the art of meditation and more where they build "food computers" that autonomously grow plants using robotic systems. But one [...]

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Our Student Sustainability Initiative


CDTM reshaped the way I think about sustainability – through our sustainability initiative In our own student sustainability initiative, my class (Spring 2019) has taken responsibility and made the Center life more sustainable. It span across all courses, and for me, my CDTM journey has reshaped the way I think [...]

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