Recycling – 5 things you should know about your waste


Recycling – 5 things you should know about your waste In recent years, many of us have become more conscious of our purchasing decisions. We started carefully considering the details of the products we buy and we are often happy to pay double the price if a tag says [...]

Recycling – 5 things you should know about your waste2021-03-08T18:16:58+01:00

Sustainability Landscape 2021


CDTM empowers the innovators of tomorrow to solve pressing real-world problems. We are convinced that climate change is one of the biggest challenges we are currently facing. It thus comes as no surprise that tackling climate change is a topic dear to our hearts as Centerlings. In 2018, the [...]

Sustainability Landscape 20212021-02-25T14:24:52+01:00

Entrepreneurship to counteract waste through to-go food for sustainable development


Due to the pandemic, restaurants are forced to shut down their service. Many of them now sell their dishes as take-away or provide the possibility of delivery to keep up their sales. However, this means that the food and drinks need to be packaged. The to-go packaging waste amounts [...]

Entrepreneurship to counteract waste through to-go food for sustainable development2021-01-18T11:43:09+01:00

Collaboration for Sustainability


Our generation is facing unprecedented challenges with the tremendous changes in our personal and professional lives. In this VUCA (volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous) world, we need more collaboration across lines because none of us will be able solve the problems alone. This is especially true when it comes [...]

Collaboration for Sustainability2020-06-30T12:11:58+02:00

Our Student Sustainability Initiative


CDTM reshaped the way I think about sustainability – through our sustainability initiative In our own student sustainability initiative, my class (Spring 2019) has taken responsibility and made the Center life more sustainable. It span across all courses, and for me, my CDTM journey has reshaped the way I think [...]

Our Student Sustainability Initiative2019-09-02T13:54:07+02:00

CDTM Climate Club


The Story Behind the Climate Club Being a “Centerling” is not only about participating in the program as a student and coming together biannually at the Christmas party and the Homecoming weekend. The term also encompasses a deeper meaning, which is reflected in our core values. Everything in and [...]

CDTM Climate Club2019-06-30T23:55:11+02:00
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