Michael Fröhlich

Managing Product Development (MPD), Center Life Taskforce
Research field: (1) Usability of Blockchain Systems, (2) Impact of Entrepreneurship Education

Michael Fröhlich studied Informatics at TU Munich specializing in software engineering. Moreover, he studied Technology Management at CDTM and is a member of Class Spring 2016.

In parallel to his studies, he gained work experience in the fields of IT and Software development (DevMob GmbH, Fraunhofer AISEC) as well as Consulting (Roland Berger).

Michael joined the CDTM management team in January 2019 and was until summer 2021 responsible for the Managing Product Development (MPD) course, the Entrepreneurship Taskforce, the IT Taskforce, and lately the Center Life Taskforce.

His current focus is on his research. He is a doctoral candidate at the Informatics department of the Ludwig-Maximilian-University in Munich and the Usable Security Group of the CODE institute at the University of the Bundeswehr. There he is researching on how we can build usable cryptocurrency wallets and blockchain systems. Since end of 2020 he is pursuing a second doctoral degree in parallel at TUM's Chair for Strategy and Organization trying to figure out what makes entrepreneurship education work.