Digital natives develop future-proof business ideas with you

Innovation Format: Trend Seminar

Trend Seminar is a project-based course of seven weeks (full-time). CDTM students from interdisciplinary backgrounds conduct holistic trend research related to a specific topic. An extensive trend analysis leads to the creation of four future scenarios as well as five innovative business models.

From idea to working prototype within three months

Innovation Format: Managing Product Development

Managing Product Development (MPD) is a project-based course throughout twelve weeks. Six teams of CDTM students focus on designing and developing new products and services including problem analyses, understanding customer needs and prototyping innovative products and services.

Interdisciplinary teams provide strategic advice

Innovation Format: Entrepreneurship Laboratory

Entrepreneurship Laboratory (eLab) is a project-based course of twelve weeks. The course offers a consulting-like experience, where interdisciplinary student teams work on strategic business questions focussing on go-to-market strategies. This can range from launching a first MVP to entering a new market vertical or moving the business into a new geographic location. As a project partner, this is your opportunity to receive innovative ideas and results tailored to your needs with hands-on recommendations from a dedicated student team.

Interdisciplinary teams put their creative minds to practice

Custom Innovation Formats or Hackathons

Elective courses build on highly innovative course formats, focusing on practical relevance and upcoming trends. Let highly motivated and interdisciplinary teams generate tangible outcomes within a short timeframe.

Collaborate on Innovation Projects with CDTM Researchers




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