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This event is perfect for you, if you…

  • heard about CDTMs program & want to learn more about it.
  • are thinking about applying but have unanswered questions.
  • want to chat with current CDTM students from all disciplines.

This event is also perfect for you if you have never heard about the Center for Digital Technology & Management (CDTM) and it’s interdisciplinary study program before.

In that case, here is CDTM in a nutshell:

What is CDTM?

  • Honors degree in “Technology Management” by LMU & TUM.
  • Interdisciplinary, hands-on, international.
  • Close work with industry partners like McKinsey, Siemens, BMW.

What is CDTM really about?

  • Becoming part of a diverse community of passionate people.
  • Being able to think in opportunities instead of boundaries.
  • Creating something that might improve the everyday life of people.

Why apply to CDTM?

  • There is only so much a single person can achieve on his own.
  • At CDTM you will find people complementing your skills.
  • Together, boundaries can be moved and the future can be shaped!

Not convinced yet? Stop by at the event, learn about the courses, our top-tier partner universities, CDTM-affiliated start-ups, and gain valuable insights from current CDTM students on how to apply.

NOTE: NO sign-up required – just drop by!


  • Curriculum of the CDTM study program
  • Life at the “center” – What’s there besides the study program?
  • Examples of student projects with industry partners
  • Details about the application process
  • And whatever you’d like to ask us!

Can’t make it to this event? There are more!


Ready to apply? http://www.cdtm.de/education/admissions/
More questions? Write us at recruiting@cdtm.de.