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The event will take place digitally via Zoom.
Zoom Link:
Meeting-ID: 580 084 2856
Kenncode: 426067
This event is perfect for you if you…
•…heard about CDTM’s program & want to learn more about it.
•…are thinking about applying but have unanswered questions.

If you have missed our previous info events and are planning to apply this semester before May 30th, this is your opportunity to ask any last minute questions you might have regarding the application.

What is CDTM?
• Honors degree in “Technology Management” by LMU & TUM.
• Interdisciplinary, hands-on, international.
• Close work with industry partners like McKinsey, Siemens, BMW.

What is CDTM really about?
• Becoming part of a diverse community of passionate people.
• Being able to think in opportunities instead of boundaries.
• Creating something that might improve the everyday life of people.

Why apply to CDTM?
• There is only so much a single person can achieve on his own.
• At CDTM you will find people complementing your skills.
• Together, boundaries can be moved and the future can be shaped!