Latest Past Events

Informal Question Round

Cafe Kosmos Dachauer Str. 7, München

Do you have any questions regarding your application and want to get in contact with current CDTM students in an Informal Question Round? This event is perfect for you if you...  ...are thinking about applying but have unanswered questions. ...want to get to know and exchange with current CDTM students [...]

Scholarship Info Event


Have you ever wondered what Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, and Hanno Renner have in common? They all got through Uni with the help of a scholarship! Join us for our Scholarship Info Event and learn all about the scholarship (including some top-secret tips on the application form) When? [...]

CDTM Case Event

CDTM Marsstraße 20 Marsstraße 20-22, München

In-person CDTM Case Event: Binding sign-up required for our limited spots. At CDTM we love developing holistic solutions to tackle real-world problems. When solving any kind of problem, a structured approach is key. We will show you how to understand complex connections, condense them, and make strategic deductions.  We are therefore proud to [...]