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Mostly Awesome is a podcast about the personal journeys of innovators. We talk to the doers and thinkers of our time to understand what motivates them and why they do what they do. Together we reflect upon their decisions, wins and setbacks. Meet our inspiring yet relatable guest from the world of entrepreneurship and technology to find out what may help you to become an innovator of tomorrow!

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LATEST Episodes

Episode 12

Jakob is the founder of Greengas Concepts and Polarstern Energie, which are pioneers in developing sustainable energy and heating solutions. He is also the co-owner and managing director of Impact Hub Munich, which supports sustainable entrepreneurship and innovation. Before entering entrepreneurship, Jakob studied business administration and earned his PhD at LMU Munich. In the first part, we talk about Jakob's career path. Jakob tells us about his journey to earn a PhD and how this gave him time to reflect and figure out what he really wanted in life. He also shares his experience as a founder of two sustainable startups and explains his perspective on measuring impact. In the second part, Jakob shares his rather critical thoughts about the future and the climate crises and tells us why he thinks you should become an entrepreneur.

Episode 11

Veronika Riederle is the Founder and CEO of Demodesk, an intelligent meeting platform for remote sales that was supported by Y-Combinator. Veronika studied in Munich and New York and is an alumna of the CDTM. After graduating, she spent five years in consulting at Bain & Company before starting her own company. In the beginning, Veronika talks about her career choices. She explains why she initially decided to go into consulting and what she learned from that experience. She also shares her thoughts on the impact you can have in consulting vs. entrepreneurship. In the second part, Veronika's talks about her founding experience. She explains how she started with the right person at the right time and tells us how she assembled a great team that shares their company values. Veronika also talks about women in leadership. She shares why she thinks we need more successful role models for young women and how she manages to be a founder and have a family at the same time.

Episode 10

Dan Ram is a speaker, motivational coach and event host. He has hosted some of the biggest innovation and tech events, such as Bits & Pretzels, and has delivered 5 Ted Talks on a variety of topics, from motivational tips to the power of diversity. Dan grew up traveling the world as the son of an Indian diplomat, who made his way out of India’s lowest caste. In this episode, Dan talks about how he became a fulfilled host, after pursuing, in his words "nine or ten wildly different careers”, including working for the UN, as an entrepreneur, consultant, and voice over artist. He shares his parents’ incredible journey of working themselves out of poverty despite India’s strict caste system and how it motivated him to go into personal development. Dan also explains how he learned to embrace the idea of being a generalist rather than the expert he wanted to be. Dan also shares his motivational tips and views. He talks about the power of routines, how he structures his day and the concept of his 4G-Mondays (goals, gym, god, gratitude). Last but not least, Dan shares his toolbox, including his favorite book and app and explains why he believes that the most inspiring innovator is yourself.

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