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The application deadline for intake in March is November 30 of the previous year, for intake in August it is May 30.

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    CDTM offers the interdisciplinary add-on study program “Technology Management”.
    It focuses on innovation, product development and entrepreneurship.


    • „The joint trend seminar [...] has been a great success. We highly appreciated the motivation and professionalism of the students, something you cannot always expect at this level in such projects. [...]

      Not just the results but also the discussions with the students have been very inspiring for us. [...]

      Actually, we did not just use the results for defining R&D projects but also hired some of the students for internships and full-time employments.

      Martin Birkner (Siemens AG) Project partner for the Trend Seminar "Urban Mobility Concepts"
    • “I was impressed by the creativity of the students and their enthusiasm for the project. [...]

      Working with the students was extremely inspiring and also helped to step back and question the basic assumptions that are predominant in the industry. [...]

      The work with the CDTM really showed the benefits of interdisciplinary and diversity to innovation. In order to come up with radically new lines of thought you have to create the kind of creative abrasion that is the basic idea behind the CDTM.”

      Andre Hainzlmaier (Innovation Strategy, Audi Electronics Venture, Audi AG)Project partner for the Trend Seminar “Human-Machine Interaction in Individual Mobility”
    • "During the MPD, what struck me as most important was the constant communication with the involved parties, even when that did not always go seamlessly. The different tasks could not have been done without drawing from the talents of every team member."
      Yang GuoYang GuoStudent
    • “It was a real pleasure for us to work with such a highly motivated and engaged student team.”

      Joachim Schonowski and Ernst-Joachim Steffens (Telekom Innovation Laboratories) Project partners for the Trend Seminar “Data Marketplaces in Smart Cities”
    • "For a high-tech startup like Wooga, the CDTM provides an ideal organizational framework for entrepreneurial projects. It was of great benefit for Wooga to work with the interdisciplinary teams from the e-lab, but it was the students' high level of motivation, dedication and talent that impressed us most."
      Jens BegemannJens BegemannWooga