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Alumni Stories

CDTM Alumni go on to follow a variety of different paths: from joining the academic world, becoming a consultant, working for a corporate to founding their own or joining a startup.

Hanno Renner

Position: CEO Personio| Story: Outdated HR programs that cost all employees time and effort? When it comes to CDTM alumni Hanno Renner, startups and medium-sized companies in Germany will soon be equipped with their new software called Personio. |

Victoria Hauzeneder

Position: CTO at Startup blik, founded in 2017| Story: As an Electrical Engineer I had very little insight into how businesses work and what a product is apart from its technical specification. At CDTM I learned about how to validate ideas, how to build an organisation with a mission and what steps one can take to find product market fit. However, what inspired me the most, where the students in my class and the alumni. Everyone is happily sharing their experience. Those informal conversations really shaped the vision on my career and they continue to provide me with the network required to tackle the challenges I face when building a company.|

Gabriel Matuschka

Position: Founding partner, Fly Ventures| Story: CDTM has had profound impact on my life - in so many ways. Among others, I met my Fly Ventures co-partner Stephan Seyboth and some other of my best friends there. We have also recruited two of Associates from CDTM. So Fly truly is a very CDTM driven venture capital firm. Next to people, CDTM also changed the way I think, operate and was the one and only academic home of my love for technology - still a driving force in my daily life as a tech investor.|

Kilian Moser

Position: Head of Operations, tacterion| Story: It’s a Tuesday in December 2018 and I’m having breakfast with a techie and an entrepreneur, both CDTM alumni. They pursue ambitions plans to scale their company. I got the chance to help them as a moderator of their strategy and vision process. Days like these remind me how much impact CDTM had on my career. Through CDTM I discovered how much I enjoy building companies and scaling organizations, and I gained the necessary skills, experience, and network. At the moment, I follow this passion at tacterion and as a freelance coach for other companies.|

Anselm Bauer, Basti Schuon, Benni Günther & Max-Josef Meier

Position: Founders Alasco (Anselm, Basti, Benni) & Entrepreneur (Max), previously founders Stylight, founded 2008 & exited 2016| Story: During MPD at CDTM, Anselm and Max worked on what later turned into Stylight. After being abroad to the US via the CDTM, we (Anselm, Basti, Benni, Max) realized that we’d like to start a company together and picked up the idea which developed during MPD. We modeled our cross-functional teams at Stylight after teams at the CDTM and hired many fellow CDTM alumni into Stylight.|

Philipp Nägelein

Position: Co-Founder & CFO/COO at MEDIKURA, founded in 2017| Story: I was incredibly lucky to experience CDTM not only as a student, but also as part of the management team. The influence? Never-ending inspiration, constant learning, and the ultimate toolbox for innovation. A network beyond compare, my co-founders, and most importantly: friends for life. CDTM has shaped my life in so many ways, and I’ll always be grateful for that.|