Reflecting on Technologies I: An ode to the Nintendos of our childhood


This article is the first part of a series called Reflecting on Technologies which hopes to shed some light on how technologies have shaped human interaction. It hopes to encourage meaningful discussions and reflection on the way technologies are implemented and used in the current age. The opinions stated [...]

Reflecting on Technologies I: An ode to the Nintendos of our childhood2023-09-12T13:00:36+02:00

Empowering Diversity


This story is written by Svetlana Tokareva, CDTM Class of Fall 2022 *** Research indicates that the involvement of female investors in the funding process leads to a notable increase in investments in female-led startups. By actively bringing together female founders and investors, we can create a positive cycle [...]

Empowering Diversity2023-06-08T22:25:05+02:00

Why CDTM is a Place for Any Study Background


This story is written by Celine Röder, CDTM Class of Spring 2022 *** Thinking back about applying at the CDTM and what has happened since then can be best described as a whirlwind experience. When I first heard about CDTM, I was hesitant to apply. After all, my background [...]

Why CDTM is a Place for Any Study Background2023-04-11T22:51:50+02:00

Product Design Fair, Winter 2023: Team Pitches


As always, the Managing Product Development (MPD) course was an exciting opportunity to learn the cycle of building a product from scratch: starting with identifying problems, followed by ideating solutions and finally building a first MVP. Last semester, the projects focused on innovative and socially impactful topics in the [...]

Product Design Fair, Winter 2023: Team Pitches2023-03-14T18:17:18+01:00

Quantum Computing Use Cases and Munich Ecosystem: Elective Review


In the Winter Semester of 2022, CDTM offered a 3-day elective called “Hello Quantum World” on the basics of quantum computing. This article is based on the lecture notes as presented by Aaron Sander, Franz Haslbeck, Sreejit Dutta, Emily Haworth, Dr. Stephen DiAdamo, Bartu Bisgin, Dr. Philipp Gerbert, Chris [...]

Quantum Computing Use Cases and Munich Ecosystem: Elective Review2023-03-15T13:50:49+01:00

My Favourite Technology: Software-Defined Networking


We recently asked our students to write about their favourite technology and the responses were truly impressive. In this post, Noah Ploch (class of Spring'22) will give you a glimpse into the tech that excites him the most. *** Let’s rethink networking! Software-defined networking (SDN) is an emerging concept [...]

My Favourite Technology: Software-Defined Networking2022-12-06T23:25:20+01:00

Scaling Up


At CDTM, we realize that while it can be fun and rewarding, founding a start-up is hard. You constantly live in uncertainty and iteratively adapt your product as you learn more about the market. In many cases, the idea might not even work out at all because there is [...]

Scaling Up2022-09-11T00:10:44+02:00

Green Streets for Munich – Wanderbaumallee-Umzug


Have you ever pulled trees through Munich streets accompanied by a samba band and a police escort? On June 22, 2022, the CDTM Climate Club joined the “Wanderbaumallee-Umzug” and supported Green City e.V. in making Munich’s streets greener. Accompanied by a Samba Band, 15 “Wanderbäume” (travelling trees) were transported [...]

Green Streets for Munich – Wanderbaumallee-Umzug2022-07-10T15:40:23+02:00

Tackling Climate Change in the AI Era – Trendseminar Spring 2022


Trend Seminar Spring 2022: “Tackling Climate Change in the AI Era” I am currently sitting on the couch in the lounge room at the CDTM Center, sipping on my coffee [which I paid in Bitcoin - pretty awesome if you ask me!] looking forward to the well-earned ice-cream break that [...]

Tackling Climate Change in the AI Era – Trendseminar Spring 20222022-07-10T13:20:59+02:00

The Future of Wastemanagement – Trendseminar Fall2021


25 Trends, 250 ideas, and 5 Business Ideas When the future' me' will look back on my journey as an Innovator, I am sure that the Trend Seminar on the Future of Wastemanagement will be a core experience on this path. The Trend Seminar gave me the tools and confidence [...]

The Future of Wastemanagement – Trendseminar Fall20212023-03-09T16:37:58+01:00
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