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Come to one of the many events that we offer and get in touch with inspiring students, entrepreneurs or potential investors. Stay up to date about our events and follow us on LinkedIn and Instagram.


If you would like to position your brand or company within the CDTM ecosystem, you can become a sponsor and expose your brand to a high-potential audience:

  • Become a sponsor of one of the several events, like the Inspire&Dine speaker series with more than 300 guests (students, alumni, entrepreneurs, investors, etc.)
    • Prominent mention by the host
    • Set up a recruiting booth at the event
  • Be present as a sponsor on our yearly graduation celebration with more than 400 guests from the alumni community and ecosystem
  • Send job postings to our alumni network
  • Get featured as an official partner on our website

Friends of the CDTM

If you would like to “give back” to the CDTM or simply would like to support an institution that helps talented students jump-start their career, there are several ways to do so:

  • Become a member of CDTM’s “Förderverein” (membership form)
  • Support a strategic initiative of the CDTM to further develop the institution
  • Donations in kind: The CDTM wants to offer their students an inspiring workspace equipped with the technology they need
  • Support the CDTM and its mission to empower the innovators of tomorrow by becoming a strategic financial backer

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