Entrepreneurship as a fundamental pillar at CDTM

Ever since the foundation of CDTM, entrepreneurship has been one of its fundamental pillars.

CDTM supports entrepreneurship with a variety of activities aiming at facilitating the foundation and growth of entrepreneurial ventures, with the goal to establish a lively and thriving start-up community in the area of digital technology. Ventures and individuals who are external to the CDTM are also welcome.

CDTM supports entrepreneurship through

  • entrepreneurial topics within the curriculum of its study program
  • a variety of entrepreneurship events, such as the Inspire&Dine series, the EIT ICT Labs Idea Challenge or the Future leadership event series with renowned speakers (e.g. Joe Kaeser – CEO Siemens, Edmund Stoiber – former Bavarian Prime Minister, Ingo Luge – Chairman of E.ON Energy)
  • providing office space to digital technology start-ups
  • maintaining an active network of entrepreneurial students and experienced entrepreneurs as well as investors

Entrepreneurship Education

Two of the three core courses of CDTM’s curriculum revolve around entrepreneurship. The first one is called Managing Product Development (MPD) and teaches students how to successfully develop products that could be the foundation of a start-up. While doing so, there is a strong emphasis on the needs of potential customers as well as a business plan which is submitted to the Munich Business Plan Competition. The second one is called entrepreneurship laboratory (e-lab) and allows students to take on the perspective of an entrepreneur by having to solve a real-life strategic problem of a start-up. The students gather insights into how a start-up works by spending one day a week at the according company while working towards a solution for the problem they were given. In addition to these core courses, CDTM offers a variety of elective and facilitation courses on entrepreneurial topics such as the courses Entrepreneurial Negotiation or Dealing with Investors.

Managing Product Development
Entrepreneurship Laboratory

Entrepreneurship Events

Besides a tight integration into the curriculum, CDTM strengthens entrepreneurship by organizing various events. CDTM organizes the monthly Inspire&Dine networking event, a public event which involves short talks and discussions on inspiring topics, mostly with an entrepreneurial focus.

CDTM organized the EIT ICT Labs Idea Challenge in collaboration with Siemens New Ventures Forum.

Entrepreneurial Support

In addition to organizing entrepreneurial events, CDTM also provides student teams with office space, resources and access to its network to enable their first entrepreneurial steps. Startups can benefit from student projects at CDTM which may help them further develop their product or strategy. In addition, they can consult experts within the CDTM network on specific topics such as online marketing or patent law, seek advice from experienced entrepreneurs or get in contact with potential investors. In the past, student teams have made good use of these opportunities, successfully securing significant funding and building strong companies.

Entrepreneurial Network

CDTM maintains an active entrepreneurial network. There are many opportunities to get in touch with experienced entrepreneurs or potential investors at the many events at CDTM.

CDTM students may also take the opportunity to approach them after an inspiring lecture or get in touch with them afterwards. In addition, students are in close contact to alumni who have started their own companies.

CDTM Start-Ups and Ventures

Entrepreneurship is very present at CDTM and hence it is no surprise that many current or former students found their own companies. About one third of all CDTM students work in an entrepreneurial setting after finishing the program. Over the past fifteen years, former CDTM students have founded more than 90 companies, thereby creating more than 500 jobs.  These include e.g. the event platform Amiando, acquired by XING for 10 million Euros or the fashion portal Stylight, which received a significant investment from Holtzbrinck Ventures, one of the sponsors of CDTM.

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