Trend Report Fall 2016

Digital Innovation in Diabetes Care

Diabetes is a set of chronic metabolic diseases, in which the body can either not produce enough insulin or not process insulin correctly, resulting in raised levels of blood glucose. Diabetes not only has a high prevalence – currently affecting one out of eleven adults worldwide – but is also a very serious condition: In 2015, diabetes caused more adult deaths globally than HIV/AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria combined according, to the International Diabetes Federation. Current trends, such as the obesity pandemic, increasing life expectancy, and urbanization lead to a growing prevalence of the disease and the need for innovation in diabetes care. This report presents trends in the field of diabetes care. From these findings, four scenarios are derived that vividly depict possible futures. In the final part, five business ideas are elaborated and validated in each of the four scenarios.

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Trend Report Fall 2015

Entrepreneurship in Bavaria

Entrepreneurship plays a crucial role in modern knowledge societies. Startup companies enter the market with novel products, services and business models, fostering innovation and economic development. A vibrant entrepreneurial ecosystem can be a major source of employment and contributes to the competitiveness of one’s economy. Acknowledging the importance of entrepreneurship, policy makers become increasingly involved in creating entrepreneurship-friendly environments. However, identifying suitable concepts for entrepreneurship support requires a thorough understanding of entrepreneurs’ requirements and recent trends in the entrepreneurship ecosystem. This study identifies recent trends in entrepreneurship and applies entrepreneurial means to come up with novel concepts for the creation of a more entrepreneurial-friendly ecosystem in Bavaria.

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Trend Report Spring 2015

The Future of Education

Education is undergoing radical changes. While education used to be mainly frontally held lectures, digital technologies today allow for a wide range of new possibilities. Given the impact of education on society and considering recent developments and open questions, the importance of shedding some light on the future of education becomes obvious. This can be done by addressing three key questions: What are recent developments and key trends that shape the future of education? What could the educational world look like in the future? What are new educational products and services that can be introduced in the future, both in a commercial or non-profit context? The three sections of this report address these questions.

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Trend Report Fall 2014

The Future of Individual Premium Mobility

Traditional concepts of mobility are increasingly affected by digitalization. The amount of connected devices is growing exponentially and mobile broadband internet has become standard. Car manufacturers are facing the rise of software-based mobility services that go beyond the car itself. The increasing connectivity of vehicles may disrupt their traditional business model. In addition, driving becomes increasingly automated, allowing for a better utilization of driving time.

This report analyzes how individual premium mobility may look like in the future, describes future scenarios and potential business ideas.

Trend Report Spring 2014

Sensor-based Authentication

Numerous authentications take place in our everyday lives: From the use of passwords to access an email account, fingerprint scans to grant access to buildings to the confirmation of a product’s origin to prevent counterfeits. Sensor technology at the same time has advanced tremendously over the last decades. Not only are sensors making things increasingly smart (e.g. smart homes, smart cars), sensors are also increasingly included in consumer products, such as cell phones or digital cameras.

The balance between security and convenience, however, is hard to find. This represents a huge business opportunity for new business models. This report analyzes how sensor-based authentication may look like in the future, describes future scenarios and potential business ideas.

Trend Report 2013/2014

Data Marketplaces in Smart Cities

Devices and infrastructure are increasingly interconnected and exchange their data. The evaluation of the data allows for higher automatization and for improved centralized and decentralized decision-making based on an overall picture. In Smart Cities of the future, many agents will communicate: facilities, street infrastructure (e.g. parking spaces, road signs, traffic lights), vehicles, weather stations, energy providers – just to mention some of them. There is a huge business opportunity for those that are able to collect the relevant data and interpret it. This gives rise to completely new products, services and business models. This report analyzes how data marketplaces in Smart Cities may look like in the future, describes future scenarios and potential business ideas.


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