A few weeks back CDTM once again happily welcomed a top-class speaker at CDTM Future Leadership Series, a fireside chat organized by the Alumni Taskforce. Philipp Justus, Vice President of DACH and CEE at Google visited CDTM to talk about digital transformation and learn about the projects that are being done at CDTM.
In his speech he focused on the question of “How to drive digital transformation in businesses?” and offered handy insights in how Google is driving its culture of digital innovation. When the Google founders started pursuing their mission of organizing the world’s information, they tried to make their mission a reality by creating a culture that will attract the best techies in the world and constitute an atmosphere where people will be innovative.

Want to know what works? Here are the 10 pieces of advice by Philipp Justus:

1)      Share as much information as you can

2)      Open codebase

3)      Demo beats document; data beats opinion

4)      Focus on user and usage

5)      Launch early, iterate often

6)      Failure is fine

7)      Fast is better than slow

8)      Eat your own dogfood

9)      Be creative, be innovative

10)   Innovation happens at the bottom

After his speech three CDTM students/alumni had the chance to do a demonstration of their CDTM projects: Johannes Caprano, CDTM class of Fall 2015, presented the outcome of the “Deep Learning” Elective, Laurenz Altemüller, CDTM class of Spring 2016, demonstrated what Centerlings do when a birthday party is approaching and talked about the Looping Louie Modding project. Last but not least Daniel Strohmayr, CDTM alumni, showed how his start-up tacterion provides the technology that makes products sense.
Special thanks to Michael Miksch (member of the Alumni task force) and Patrick Nepper (former Center Assistant at CDTM, now Manager at Google) for making the event happen. Here is a short video interview with Philipp Justus.