Berlin, 12th August, 2020: La Famiglia – the VC backed by some of the world’s most successful entrepreneurs, family businesses and industry leaders – has announced a €50 million fund to uncover the next-generation of B2B giants. Next to established industry founders, a group of entrepreneurs and CDTM alumni, including Ignaz Forstmeier, Mike Wax, Joshua Cornelius, Andreas Franz, Sebastian Schuon, Anselm Bauer, Stefan Rothlehner, Matthias Möller and Benjamin Günther have also invested into the new fund and support La Famiglia in sourcing the best opportunities the European market has to offer. 

La Famiglia’s USP lies in its unmatched strength of uniting a multi-generational and multi-sectoral base of entrepreneurs that support each other through shared learnings and exclusive insights, thereby circumventing common entrepreneurial pitfalls on their way to product-market fit. Its LP base includes established industry giants such as the Mittal, Pictet, Oetker, Hymer and Swarovski families, the industry leaders Voith and Franke, as well as the owning families behind conglomerates such as Hapag Lloyd, Solvay, Adidas, and Valentino, alongside new economy leaders Niklas Zennström (Skype, Atomico), Zoopla’s Alex Chesterman and Personio’s Hanno Renner.

Led by Dr. Jeannette zu Fürstenberg alongside partner Judith Dada, the pair is on a mission to drive the integration of technology into every sector of the economy by building a home for entrepreneurs and leaders that drive the next wave of industry-transforming companies. Their vision for La Famiglia is to foster cooperation between young digital disruptors and leading companies by serving as a trusted access platform and advisor for existing entrepreneurs and business leaders to create mutually beneficial relationships.

La Famiglia’s value add is also echoed by founders who have worked with them. “I think Jeannette and Judith have established a unique value proposition by combining an exceptional network within the old and new economy, with a deep understanding of new trends and technologies. Besides, working with them has always been a lot of fun due to their amazing personalities” says Hanno Renner, Co-Founder and CEO of Personio. 

La Famiglia’s team already features two CDTM alumni. Judith Dada studied at CDTM in their spring 2014 cohort. Judith describes her decision to study at CDTM as “one of the best and most significant decisions of my life. Partnering with so many talented founders for our second fund is a great continuation of the shared work and support we offered one another so far.” 

Viet Le, who is part of La Famiglia’s investment team and looks after machine learning focused investments, belongs to the fall class of 2016. In the past, La Famiglia has invested into a range of companies founded by CDTM alumni, including Luminovo, Forto and Personio. 

As part of the investment in La Famiglia, the CDTM alumni have pledged to give 10% of their fund  returns back to CDTM, thereby helping to foster its future educational and entrepreneurial goals and supporting the next generation of innovators and builders to pursue ambitious goals. La Famiglia looks forward to carrying forward the torch of CDTM’s ambitious and interdisciplinary spirit by working with CDTM alumni on funding breakout opportunities.


CDTM Editorial team with support from Judith Dada