Published On: October 15th, 2021|2 min read|

Did you see these groups of people running around Maxvorstadt, following some clues, or getting lost, and solving challenges on a sunny day last August? People Ops and Center Life Taskforce joined forces to create the first-ever CDTM Scavenger Hunt. And it was a lot of fun! The CDTM community, active students, alumni, and Center Assistants had one mission – to find the treasure. 

The teams had a long and rocky road ahead of them. And everything is easier together. Since the new class Fall 2021 just recently started at the Center, the teams had to solve some challenges to get to know each other better. Find and share a baby picture of yourself. What brilliant ideas have you had in unusual places? Or what have you given a complete makeover in your life?  

Along the way the hunters discovered some new or old, but fun facts about CDTM that led them the next stops. When CDTM left Luisenstrasse in 2009, we relocated to Barer Strasse 21. Of course, the new space needed some decorating to make it mostly awesome! So, a decorating task force was formed. Who painted the walls of the new kitchen red? Yes, besides being a successful founder of Demodesk, Veronika Riederle can also paint walls. The top 10 google search suggestions about another person include ‘[person] freundin’, ‘[person] net worth’, ‘[person] email’, ‘[person] Twitter’, ‘[person] 30 under 30’ and ‘[person] alter’. Who are we talking about? It is Hanno Renner, co-founder and CEO of Personio. Interestingly, the Center Assistants had the hardest time guessing the answers. Last but not last, what do these three numbers 200+, 2B and 900+ tell you? 

So where did the journey lead the hunters? 10 challenges and some hours later, finally everyone made it to the Center. But no treasure, no real scavenger hunt? The hungry and thirsty hunters found the well-deserved delicious pizza and cold beers. Thanks to everyone for making it the mostly awesome first-ever CDTM Scavenger Hunt! 

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