Published On: July 10th, 2022|2 min read|

Have you ever pulled trees through Munich streets accompanied by a samba band and a police escort?

On June 22, 2022, the CDTM Climate Club joined the “Wanderbaumallee-Umzug” and supported Green City e.V. in making Munich’s streets greener. Accompanied by a Samba Band, 15 “Wanderbäume” (travelling trees) were transported by about 30 people from Arnulfpark to Schwanthaler Street. Goal of the action was to support a petition for a permanent revegetation of Schwanthaler Street. After putting the trees in their respective places and having lots of fun along the way, Centerlings gathered over food and drinks together with members of Green City.

“It feels so good not always to try to tackle the big climate problems but to make your hands dirty and take some small action that is directly visible in your environment. Walking accopanied by a Sambaband with a tree in your hand through Munich was an incredible feeling. Also, seeing people on the sidewalk stopping and similing while passing supported me in my assumption that we can actually change something here and now.”

“Every time I will now drive through Schwanthaler Street until August I will get a smile on my face, remembering all the people who took action with me to make Munich a greener place”

The “Wanderbaumallee-Umzug”

The “Wanderbaumallee-Umzug” is one of the most established campaigns by Green City. Since 1992, Green City has been promoting the permanent greening of Munich with this campaign, transforming dreary streets into green avenues for a few weeks. The travelling trees do not only increase the quality of life in, but also improve the city’s climate. So far, the travelling trees have already enriched more than 60 streets and 150 trees have been planted permanently.

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