Published On: June 8th, 2023|2 min read|

This story is written by Svetlana Tokareva, CDTM Class of Fall 2022


Research indicates that the involvement of female investors in the funding process leads to a notable increase in investments in female-led startups. By actively bringing together female founders and investors, we can create a positive cycle that encourages more women to venture into entrepreneurship. Recognizing the power of this collaboration, we organized the Women Start-Up Coffee Jour Fixe in partnership with Women Start-up and UVC Partners. Let’s dive into the highlights of this empowering gathering.

The event took place as part of the nationwide Diversity Day and Bayerische Gründungstage. It brought together female founders from prominent entrepreneurial initiatives in Munich, including CDTM, Manage&More, and Start Munich, along with female investors from leading funds like UVC Partners, Speedinvest, Ananda Impact Ventures, better ventures, and Auxxo Female Catalyst Fund. Participants had an exciting platform to present their ideas, receive feedback, and expand their networks. We had the pleasure of hearing great pitches from two female founders representing CDTM: Lisa Obereigner (EMIDAT) and Maria Grebenshikova (Willow Health).

The pitches delivered by the female founders showcased a diverse range of ideas and projects, each with significant potential for impact. Beyond the pitch sessions, the event fostered networking and the exchange of ideas among attendees. By creating an environment that facilitated connections, we cultivated a sense of camaraderie and support among female entrepreneurs and investors. Our hope is that these interactions will lead to new collaborations, partnerships, and shared knowledge, propelling the female entrepreneurial ecosystem in Munich forward.

The Women Start-up Coffee Jour Fixe served as a powerful reminder of the importance of cultivating a diverse and inclusive entrepreneurial ecosystem. By bringing together female founders and investors, we support diverse voices in entrepreneurship, laying the foundation for a future defined by groundbreaking ideas, disruptive solutions, and positive change. 

Inspired by what you’ve read? If you’re eager to join us on the journey of empowering female founders and investors, then stay tuned! We have more exciting events lined up in the future. Connect with us on LinkedIn to stay updated on upcoming Female Founders and Investors gatherings. Reach out to Svetlana, Jana, and Anna-Lena to be a part of our growing community.

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